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Hopeful for the Holidays

I am not a strong person, nor am I a violent one – but if I were, this year would not stand a chance.  It just happens that I am a staunch believer in just punishment…so can one hang a year in effigy?  Give it a little Guy Fawkes taste?   Perhaps there is someone I can talk to about this.

So if I am so disgusted, why do I even bother celebrating the holidays this blighted year?  Because I must – to ignore the celebrations would be despair’s definitive high-five of victory.  The erasure of joy is the key that locks the door and, my friend, just guess which side of that door you’ll be on.

Therefore we must be happy.  Find a way to lift our spirits.  Secure a remedy for petty annoyances. No matter what, there is still so much to welcome and embrace.  For instance, I will be going to a holiday dinner tonight, and I fully intend on wearing my Christmas tree earrings – tannen-baubles – and getting spectacularly drunk.  You see, sometimes it is just the small things that can keep us hopeful.

Is anyone up for a group hug?  Let me know.

Happy holidays, my little ones.


A Hatching Job

Boyfriend has called with Breaking News:

  • Broken egg chips have been discovered beneath the dove nest
  • Ms. Dove is especially fluffed out, as if to cover the newborns from the cold air
  • Ms. Dove is restless, moving about constantly, which I think you would do too, if you had living babies rustling around underneath you
  • Mr. Dove is especially attentive, perching nearby, and not on the telephone wire, having a smoke with the rest of the guys

Boyfriend is convinced that there has been a successful hatching.  I will be over there this weekend and hope to have more news and photographs.

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