I’ll first explain that my name is not aubrey.  Still, I like the idea of taking the name of my favorite artist/writer/bon vivant.  Also, I like to imagine him, tubercular and elegant, at his favorite club and cafe, which will explain the site name of this blog.

I tend to write about history and art, the things I generally do not find in my day-to-day life.

If you find this a little off-putting, then shame on you.  Nothing to be scared of here.


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  1. Said I’d stop here and glad I did. Where DO you find the books like your soldier’s book and the WHIMSet book…intrigued. And love your look at art and history. I never liked history. I always considered it a bad course taught – cuz it was throughout my schooling. But now, immersed in stories and sometimes the telling of them, I’ve changed my tune on history.

  2. I am so pleased that you stopped by my site so that I could discover yours. I love the way you think and write. I will be pleased to peruse your posts and watch for those up-coming.

    • Thank you for visiting – and for the recognition as well! I often think that my thinking and writing go off into all directions, slamming into walls, getting hit with a ‘what-were-you-thinking’ stick…so the encouragement is very gratifying!

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  4. She is lovely! I can see how she called out to go home with you, I would have grabbed her too! Have any idea what year this is? Looks like San Francisco, Ca lady?

  5. Fayandria Hamilton

    I tripped upon your writing about medieval castles while researching. Now it is an hour later and I fight to stay. I will be back and back and back! The words you use to express what you see has captured me.
    Hats Off!

    • Trip away!

      I hope you can find the time to stay; I appreciate you visiting. What kind of research are you doing? When did you first become drawn to castles, and the middle ages – or did you become attracted by both at once; were you blasted with one sublime vision of kingdoms and turrets – of history and architecture?

  6. I was looking at your scans of the Barbara Gould booklet you found in a flea market in 2007 and was wondering if it would be possible to get a pdf copy of the booklet you partly displayed. I am interested in the history of skin care as you can see from my website but being based in Australia do not get much of an opportunity to rummage through American Flea markets 😉

    • Hi – I’m afraid I have no access to a .pdf copy, sorry!

      I tried to make .pdf copies myself, but my silly computer does not have the capacity to do so. You are free, of course, to copy and paste any images that interest you!

      • Thanx for replying. Actually, I am more interested in the text than the images and most of that is missing from your post. If you could send me scans (.jpg, .png or .tif) of the complete booklet I would be very grateful. You can keep them at low res to make them easier to email as long as the text is readable. Even a digital photo would be OK. Perhaps I could send you a scan of another beauty booklet in return for your efforts?

  7. Hi Aubrey, OK I’m a new admirer. I’m a lil stressed out at this time and a huge Warren Zevon fan and love the “Lawyers, Guns and Money” song. Well I googled “I was gambling in Havana” to find out a lyric I was unsure of. The word I could never understand was “Dad”. Anyway I got lost in your writings about S T R E S S and how you express your thoughts and feelings. I havnt read much so far but hunger for more. I loved the Sharkopus and envious that I don’t have one. Perhaps a gift for my gf this Valentines Day. Also, your invite to go along with you in your writings. Hmmm all I’ll say is at the moment 1:30 AM really appeals to me. LOL I’m going to bookmark your Blog pg and when time allows hope to find you again to escape.

    Best regards,

  8. “Tubercular and elegant.” So evocative of an age and an aesthetic. Love it.

  9. Hi Aubrey

    I believe we talked a long while ago when I was a curate in Lancing. You had done some work in a church in brighton? If its you drop me a line.

    Adrian x

  10. Have enjoyed your thoughts expressed in such elegant prose. Glad you’ve stopped by Ripple Effects so I can make a reciprocal visit. I love history, art, literature, and thoughts. After reading a few of your posts, I know this will be one of my destinations in the blogosphere.

  11. hey Aubs, sorry to contact you this way but I have no other contact info. feel free to delete this comment after reading.

    this is about our friend Judith Zollers (YGRS). as you may remember, her son Sam killed himself a few years ago. her entire VOX community rallied around her and it was a bright moment during a devastating time.
    today is the 4th anniversary of Sam’s death. as some of you may remember, some of us lit virtual candles on his memory.

    I found the site where we did, and started a group, “In memory of Sam Zollers”, http://www.light-candle.com/collections/view/1950
    you can go light a candle, leave a note – and if that’s ok, I can send a note to Judith (she’s in FB) to let her know.

    thanks, and of course, you need do nothing if lighting virtual candles ain’t your thing.

    thanks, m

  12. A brand new award knocks at your door: a most appreciative Madame conferred you the tile of “Very Inspiring Blogger” (http://madamedepique.wordpress.com/2013/03/29/madames-a-very-inspiring-blogger-apparently/)

  13. aubrey: just to let you know, you were mentioned in a Dragons of Grammar post on The Rag Tree…not an award, just a link to your blog on the Coronation Tea post…hope you will find it appropriate…RT

  14. p.s. the DoG’s records showed that you attended, so a thank-you is in order! 😉 RT

  15. I am enjoying your blog posts this evening. My head is now overflowing with wonderful words and images and new information. My life is enriched today. Thank you.

  16. Cool blog! It sounds like you have some interests that I like to read about, but can be hard to find sometimes.

  17. Hi Aubrey,

    I think we might have corresponded briefly but never quite met when you were in England. Do you remember a priest in brighton?


  18. Love your blog! Arrived here after a search on the origins of the phrase, “a cat may look at a king.” Your blog was so beautifully written, I read the entire post out loud to my boyfriend. Lovely thoughts, beautifully expressed. And now I’m subscribing. 🙂 Thanks!

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  20. Hi, I’m the photo editor with National Parks magazine. Our editors is considering to run an image of a woman wearing plume hat on your blog, was wondering if you own the copyright or can point me in the right direction as to how to obtain permission and hi-res image. I can be reached at nyin@npca.org or 202.454.3350.

    Thanks much for your help!!

  21. I’m your newest fan! I absolutely love your blog!

  22. I love it! I’ve never been shamed before on a blog! (Except for those idiots who come out of the woodwork to correct the one mistake I made 3 years ago then disappear forever.)

    Suffice it so say, I am not put off by that and congratulations on being featured on “Freshly Pressed!” [I don’t see my rantings ever coming close to that ever!]

    ps – you do have a twitter don’t you? I can’t find it for some reason…

  23. Hi Aubrey

    Are you the same languid Aubrey who was in Brighton in England some years ago?

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