The Sparrow

Every afternoon I visit my mother – to lift her fluttering spirits, to sift through the mail, to discuss issues with the family cat, to wash some dishes, to see that the garbage cans are on the curb, awaiting their departure. The past few years have not been…winning, and I would do all I can to combat their reckless demoralization.

I visit her because her happiness is a vital catalyst to my own contentment. It is an elusive ingredient as treasured as a pool of gold coming to life in an alchemist’s hand. Her wit and laughter is incisive, subtle and madcap – a cat’s cradle spun by a lovely mind. And I would have that fabric remain strong, and not become bleak and threadbare.

I visit her not only because it is a daughter’s obligation, but it is also my tendency, my preference. By myself, I can be bleak and quiet. But together we are comical, critical and satirical. And in the end I always come away with my pride in my mother, in our unique, magnificent relationship, affirmed and confirmed.

And every afternoon when I leave I give my mother a hug. I can feel her bones as small and delicate as a bird’s. And I hug her hard, to keep her safe and to keep her from flying away like a wayward sparrow eager to rejoin her kin.

Happy Mother’s Day – I’ll be over tomorrow, and for days and days after that.

I love you very much.

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9 responses to “The Sparrow

  1. Aubrey, this is so lovely — and loving. Reading it made me miss my own mother, very much. I remember those hugs, and those fragile, frail bones. I’m so glad you still have your mother, and that you cherish her so. Happy Mothers’ Day to you both.

  2. Oh Aubrey, this is wonderful. It made me choke up, even though my relationship with my own mother was difficult, to say the least. Your mother is lucky to have such a talented, caring daughter. I hope she enjoys her Mother’s Day with you!

  3. Lovely. Happy Mothers Day to you and your Mom. You said it perfectly.

    Thank You To All the Moms out there.

  4. Beautiful. Thank you.

  5. You are such an awesome daughter, Aubrey, it just follows that your mom must have been amazing, too. I wish you and your mom many, many more days of visits.

  6. Dearest Aubrey, what a sweet picture of your afternoons with your mother. It reminded me of the years after my mother died when I’d visit my father several times a week, paying his bills, washing his dishes, looking up words in the dictionary and watching PBS-TV together… Your mother is lucky to have such a lovely daughter to look after her well-being ~ keep cherishing all those warm hugs!

  7. I hope there will be many tomorrows for you and your mother.
    I haven’t been to your blog in a very long while but have been reminded of it by a spam comment reply to my comment on your About page some years ago. Just thought I would let you know. 🙂 Gallivanta.

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