“Should 2016 Be Forgot…”

“Should 2016 be forgot
I wouldn’t even mind
Twelve months seem to have come to naught
With goodness all denied

With goodness all denied, this year
Has won in every way
I’ll take a cup of wine you bet
To wash defeat away”




8 responses to ““Should 2016 Be Forgot…”

  1. i suspect you’re more sanguine about the past year than your parody suggests. But never mind that — it could serve as a great toast, and I’ll raise a glass, myself. Here’s to a new year, and new possibilities. All my best, Aubrey!

    • Actually, it was extraordinarily bad!

      But there were of course bright moments…one would go mad without them. And if one has no optimism at all, even in the face of the most formidable badness, one has of course given up – and shoreacres, we cannot have that!

      Raise that glass high, as I will my own!

  2. A fun synopsis of a pretty cruddy year! And for Americans, 2017 is full of doubt . . . I hope your own, personal 2017 is a very good year!


    Saw in on Instagram the other day, “I will stay up all night on the 31st just to watch 2016 d-i-e”. Your poem hits home in such a more elegant way.

  4. All goodness wasn’t denied, but a heck of a lot of it was.

  5. Hi,
    I’m Michel, jack of many trades master of lollygagging. I sometimes translates and write short stories for Omero.it, the first Italian school of Creative Writing.
    As short stories and surreal fiction is an underrated blend in Italy (despite notables like Calvino and Buzzati), we’ve found compelling to focus on short strange stories and a pseudo-genre we called Fantareale (www.omero.it/omero-magazine/fantareale/)

    In short, I stumbled across a story of yours, “mother of pearl”, and I’d like to ask the permission to translate it and publish it to our (non-profit-making) web magazine.


    “The Peackock Shirt” is on my tablet cover, and my room wall, and my workbook cover and….ok, i’ll stop it.

  6. *skirt. But it’s also on a t-shirt (and a fridge magnet and…ok, i’ll stop again)

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