Hopeful for the Holidays

I am not a strong person, nor am I a violent one – but if I were, this year would not stand a chance.  It just happens that I am a staunch believer in just punishment…so can one hang a year in effigy?  Give it a little Guy Fawkes taste?   Perhaps there is someone I can talk to about this.

So if I am so disgusted, why do I even bother celebrating the holidays this blighted year?  Because I must – to ignore the celebrations would be despair’s definitive high-five of victory.  The erasure of joy is the key that locks the door and, my friend, just guess which side of that door you’ll be on.

Therefore we must be happy.  Find a way to lift our spirits.  Secure a remedy for petty annoyances. No matter what, there is still so much to welcome and embrace.  For instance, I will be going to a holiday dinner tonight, and I fully intend on wearing my Christmas tree earrings – tannen-baubles – and getting spectacularly drunk.  You see, sometimes it is just the small things that can keep us hopeful.

Is anyone up for a group hug?  Let me know.

Happy holidays, my little ones.



10 responses to “Hopeful for the Holidays

  1. I am right here with you, Aubs , my dear. Please feel yourself engulfed in a long tight hug. It’s been a heck of a ride this year. So much to despair over. However, that is not my choice.
    Little good things, and many big good things.
    Cheers to you and yours! 💚💚💚

  2. I am totally with you in this, Aubrey. Firstly, I’ve decided my friendships and connections this year need to evolve into a full-blown alliance. I wish we were at my favorite coffee bar right now, sampling holiday-spiced drinks and having a good ramble over the politics of 2016!

    At the same time, I’ve a deep obsession with this holiday. Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah, whatever, I can’t get enough. I’m considering if I should join one of those goofy “there’s only 220 days until Christmas”! clubs.

    Christmas earrings to me are an instant pick me up, I think you and I would indeed have a great time hanging out. Many good wishes and love for the holiday. Let’s cheer each other up! And be allies for 2017! xo

  3. Honestly? There’s nothing “good” I’ve found about our loss this year, however I HAVE noticed we progressives becoming closer and more kind to each other, which I think may not have happened if things had gone our (the right) way. I’ll take what I can get.

  4. Aubrey, my best wishes for the season, and the coming year. Bauble on! It would be wonderful if group hugs abounded in the new year, but it would be even more wonderful if everyone could be included.

  5. All the hugs, Aubrey darling… rock your tannenbaubles and drink till the kühe come home.

  6. Happy Winter, Aubrey! Celebrate we will, for life is short and sweet… *hugs*

  7. I am raising a glass to you from afar and totally want in on this group hug. 2016 can bite me. C’mon 2017, show us some love!


    This: “to ignore the celebrations would be despair’s definitive high-five of victory”!
    So very true. The year has felt like a row of knuckle sandwiches. Sending warmest wishes from Berlin.

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