I have always believed in the existence of two worlds.

First, there was the one for which the blame could be placed at humanity’s feet. It is messy, contentious, sometimes graceless, oftentimes not. Its gears wheeze like a quarrelsome factory.

The other world is the natural one – the verdant, growing and once the only one – that began millennia before man made his debut, his awkward challenge. This is the world that witnessed battalions of formless creatures crawling out of the sea, gasping before their gills disappeared forever.

Now, I find much in our combative world that disappoints; the things that bear the scar of mankind’s twisted humor. This year has been bloated with its indignities.

But to despair, to complain is foolish: for the other, older, world waits outside. All it asks of you is one sense – sight, touch, scent, taste, hearing – in order to share its manifold gifts. It asks that you look at the stars, touch the earth, smell its growing life, taste the air, listen to the beguiling animals.

Can one world outweigh the other? I think so. Nature has her clever ways. Her wit and creativity, her ever-busy mind, will always be an encouragement and an inspiration.

So what can you be thankful for on November 24? Or on any day? Has mankind let you down? Then look to the lady spinning her wonders outside, and she will comfort you.

Then go inside and eat a hearty dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving.




7 responses to “Thankful

  1. Thankful for you, Aubs. This did my heart so much good. ❤

  2. I was going to offer the thought that it is, in fact, one world, but with different faces. Then I thought: enough of the philosophizing! It’s time for good wishes, pleasant thoughts, congenial company and that hearty meal you mentioned. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Aubrey. I hope it’s filled with as much pleasure as you give us.

  3. Always looking to ‘the lady spinning her wonders outside’ ~ Happy Thanksgiving, Aubrey!

  4. i stayed in bed all day – never even brushed my teeth. and i was thankful for that opp!
    belated happy thanksgiving to you.

  5. Happy holidays, my friend. Wondering if you’re doing the snail mail thing this year. Maybe email me? My email lives in a new place now…..

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