Poems for Autumn

Most decidedly, this is a most un-autumn like season. Eighty-five degrees today, what an insult. So, to make myself feel better, I have two autumn poems.

A Twisting Almanac

Like a charcoal colored sea
The night rippled with cold
And I felt on its muscular currents
An unseen armada
Harbingers of the harvest
Of fields bowed to the scythe’s curve
Of twilight’s claws drawn across noontime’s skin
And the equinox arched like a cat across the sky

The wind worried the trees
And from its feral grip
Fell a crisp rain of jagged leaves
That coiled in the wind
And then rose in a helix
Tracing their autumnal DNA,
The cycle of kaleidoscope seasons,
To the distant spark that kindled their beginnings

Fruitful Debris

A broken mosaic
Confused as a shattered puzzle
A pink and cherry bower
That crumbled and nibbled at my feet
Crisp and familiar
Like a cat
My shoes stirred
Beneath the brittle fabric
They pushed at the jagged facets
Of the harvest colored prism
The withered reminders
Of nature’s insistence
That her beauty survives
Even when death
And the photosynthetic drought
Wreaths the ground
With its bloodless garlands

Image result for falling leaves fashion illustrations - vogue - 1920's



4 responses to “Poems for Autumn

  1. It’s been hot here the last two days, but as I walked on our property, I could feel the breeze. It was sharper. Not the August doldrums, not the September breaths. It was the restless puffs of October. It made me smile, how just a small tilt of the earth makes such a difference. Soon, cold and sleet.

  2. I feel for you! We had welcome autumn weather here and then went to visit granddaughter and her parents in subtropical North Carolina — back into a hot and humid steam bath. It was so good to come home to crisp, cool autumn air after a week of that stuff.

    Love the image you conjured: “the equinox arched like a cat across the sky”

    I hope cooler temperatures arrive soon for you…

  3. Lovely – can’t imagine autumn and eighty-five degrees!

  4. Lauri – So true. It rained last night, and today it’s crisp, sunny and rather glorious.

    Barbara Rodgers – I wait for autumn all year…but each season still has some quality to appreciate; these carry me over the waiting period until the crisp weather returns.

    fifepsychogeography – Thanks! Heat waves in autumn – especially at its onset – is actually a common thing. Even though, I am strangely surprised (and angry!) when it happens again.

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