You Can’t Deny A Whim

I’m not used to drawing with pastels.  But I had a whim, so…just don’t harsh Aubrey out, please.






8 responses to “You Can’t Deny A Whim

  1. I think these are beautiful. And please don’t be like the local singer/songwriter who winced and scowled when I told him how wonderful I thought his conert had been. I’m part of your audience and I think these drawings are beautiful. That has to be okay. ❤

  2. I would never be so rude! No, instead I will thank you for your kind words!

  3. They’re both lovely, although I have a slight preference for the hibiscus: only because blue isn’t my favorite color. Any ability to draw seems to me like magic. An ability to draw well is even more magical, and you did well.

  4. Lovely work, Aubrey! I’ve always been envious of anyone with drawing skills.

  5. The only thing behind my local dry cleaners is a late-60s Mustang with four deflated tires.

  6. they are very pretty!

  7. Beautiful! I am especially fond of the blue one because I am especially fond of the many shades of blue. Enjoy your whim!

  8. Really good stuff, Aubrey. Your style reminds me of some better scientific illustrations. Those can be surprisingly expressive.

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