Dapper Couldn’t Make Me Happier

First, this is a submission of an admission:  I have a  Facebook page.  On a “suggestion” by my boss, I set up a page a few days ago.  My initial impression is that FB is a time waster sans pareil, and that as one spends hour after hour exploring it, one feels the onset of increasing stupidity, the tiny dips downward of the IQ quotient.

But hey, golly, friend me, won’t you?  I have wresting kittens, surfing dogs and everything!  You’ll even know my real name!

Still.  One thing of value/interest I did mention.  This past Friday, I attended “Dapper Day” at the L.A. County Museum of Art.  The event merely encourages visitors to dress beautifully and come to the museum, look around, look at each other and listen to some jazz music that is free to all.  It wasn’t asking a lot – surely we all have beaded gowns or two-toned loafers tucked away in our closets?

But upon arrival, it seemed that everyone had given in to the wretched heat, foolishly choosing comfort over style.  I was considering aborting the mission, but happily decided against it.

I had chosen evening dapper – floor length gown, long gloves, evenings.  Most of the women I saw elected the look I prefer to call “1955 hausfrau chic”.  But en masse – and as the evening wore on the masse did seem to appear – the overall impression did border on the dapper.

And I must say that people were very kind and generous…I did get some compliments. Some wanted their pictures taken with me though one seemed to do so as one would take a selfie with a circus animal.  No matter.  It was all rather fun.  And all the attention was much needed – as needed as the cup of wine I purchased immediately upon arrival.

I met a lovely woman – Debra – who was kind enough to take some pictures of me:




And towards the end of the evening my trepidation had actually transformed to confidence:  and it was as wonderful as it was unexpected.  The next Dapper Day is in November; and while lightening wouldn’t dare strike twice, I do have this sequin and taffeta trapeze dress…


9 responses to “Dapper Couldn’t Make Me Happier

  1. Good for you, aubrey! You look gorgeous, with no surrender to the heat. And it has been hot, unbearably so. It feels like Hell’s lake of fire outdoors; I’m actually getting cabin fever from refusing to leave the air conditioned house, so double kudos to you for attending an afternoon event stylishly dressed.

    Some comedian joked that saying you’re not on Facebook is like being “that person” who says they don’t own a TV. I’m afraid I’m that person. But if I were on FB I’d “like” you. 🙂

  2. Aw, every city should have a DAPPER DAY! That’s wonderful… Iove it! And I agree with the comment above — I escaped FB a few years ago, so I’m one of those people too (but I grew up without a TV, by the sake of the location of my upbringing — so I don’t feel so badly, hee). 🙂 But I’d definitely be there with you as well! Love that pic, love it!!

  3. No one does dapper like you, Aubrey!
    I am not on FB, either, and the more I have heard about it over the years, the gladder I am not to be.

  4. you look GREAT!!
    I have a few deco dresses tucked away. I’ll have to remember to link on fb so I can follow you (I’m leendadll on there too) to follow Dapper Day!!

  5. Dapper Day included two pictures of me in their Facebook photo album of the event – why, I can’t imagine. I look like a 1920’s actress who had dressed up to celebrate her 500th birthday. Lord.

  6. i looked at your FB page, and certainly liked the surfboard look. That’s as far as I could get, though, since I’m not on FB, either (and tv-less to boot).
    But my… I’d say you are well past dapper in those photos. Elegant is the word I’d choose. Well done, you!

  7. Very Dapper Aubrey. You look fab.

  8. Wow. I guess I always wondered if you dress as beautifully as you write, and there’s my answer. I adore that gown. Good on you for taking the invite seriously, personally I’d be affronted if at my own party my guests thought the theme was “optional”.

  9. You look lovely, simply lovely, Aubrey! (I could never pull off dapper…) I’ll look for you on Facebook…

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