A Cat Can Also Look At A Queen

My parents own a cat, flatteringly named Aubrey.  Mother dotes on Aubrey and Aubrey – as much as a cat is willing to do – dotes on her.  In fact, I think this goes beyond a mutual affection – that it is a grasp that extends all the way to a shared personality; a subtle similarity of look and act.

Theirs is a gentle, simpatico relationship, the stuff of closeness and companionship although there are times when Aubrey feels obligated to bite.  I believe this is merely an example of feline frustration:  she would love to have a discussion with mother, but simply cannot.

Both are very lovely ladies – arrestingly so:  the entrapment is that complete.  However, I will limit this shared prettiness to the face only.  For Aubrey on her own part – and her own part only – is sizable.  Should she jump to the floor, or from table to chair, such a move would be heralded by a tremendous thump.  Now, I’ve never heard of mother jumping from various items of furniture (though a tempting thought?).  However, should she ever attempt this I am sure that any resultant sound would be soft and petite.

Once earth-bound, both move silently and gracefully – with motions that are light and small:  small enough, I think, to be held in the palm of one’s hand.

Mother often mentions the many times that Aubrey will stare into her eyes in a silent, gold-smudged inquiry.  Unnerving certainly, but respectful as well.  Most cats would not waste their few waking hours surveying the minds of their owners.

But I believe that Aubrey senses something too:  recognition, a wary perception, a realization that here was an equal – someone as refined and ornamental as she.  She would, in fact, be perfect in every way if it weren’t for that meowing issue.

I, however, don’t meow, so this issue doesn’t influence me.  I do not suffer from any such impediment, or restraints of judgement.  Mother is perfect to me – no matter what the family cat says.  She is unique, endearing and possesses the most silken and lovely of cat-like qualities.  The comparison is obvious to me.  I have – after all – always been a cat person.

A princess blithely unaware of the pea

Resting in regal contentment

Folded and serene as a gift

A cat’s cradle

With delicate lines that trace a feline femininity

Eyes bright and rare

Silken colors

The icon I’ve lived with

And live for


I love you mother.

Happy Mother’s Day


5 responses to “A Cat Can Also Look At A Queen

  1. What a lucky mom to have such a poetic daughter! What a lucky namesake cat!

  2. What a delightful reflection for your mother, and quite appealing for cat lovers, too. Give your mother my bloggy best, and enjoy a day celebrating your special relationship.

  3. This would sit well in Old Possum’s book of practical cats

  4. Hangaku Gozen – thank you. Aubrey the cat would thank you too, if she would only stay awake long enough.

    shoreacres – thanks! We had a lovely day, brunch in a patio-setting with a lovely quava Bellini for me.

    Doug – I never knew of this title’s existence: on reading an excerpt or two, I fully intend on hunting a copy out. Really sounds delightful.

    Alex – thank you so much!

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