My Wedding

I found the ring of bone by the rim of the ocean, balanced on the wreckage of kelp and wood verdant with the opaque scents of brinish decay.  Its center was round and musical:  like a bell, it must have rung repeatedly as it spun through its submerged world, dappled with prims of light and scales.  But before me now, a stationary instrument, it was quite silent.

019 (2)

It was the color of froth and ivory; drenched in gentle sepia and as pale as a ship’s sails billowing with the ocean’s nautical edicts.   Cut by the whim of the sea and the fist of the tide, its outline was as crooked as the shorelines of continents.  Its maritime alchemy was of salt, riggings as tangled as discarded corsets, drowned mists and the breath of fishes.  Its core was a rosette, curling like the architectural heart of a flower.  Polished by currents of sand, molded by the curving, relentless acres it came to an end on the rocks:  broken and finished.

And there I found it – my accidental gift refined by the jeweler whose horizon extended into a silver oblivion.  I placed it on my finger and I sensed the approval:  in the salty breeze heavy with the voices of whales and seabirds; in the sounds of the pearls and scallops that tumbled through shrimp-pink grottos.  I sensed their misty chorus:  their pelagic blessing on my marriage to the sea.

018 (2)


8 responses to “My Wedding

  1. What a lovely trouvaille.

  2. Beautiful and perfect words to go with that otherworldly gift. I wish I had the skill of my superpower marine biology friends so I could identify it. Though I could email the pic to a few people if you wanted to know (I’d love to find out as well, I’m sure there’s Internet forums where you could find out in no time).

  3. your prose is breath-taking, Aubrey. So few people write with such lovely simile and use of adjectives today. I love the sea and I cannot believe you found that at the beach…I typically find crummy ol’ quartz that I mistake for moonstones.

    I just loved it…you inspire me to be less glib and more poetic, like when I was cynical and in my early 20s.

    Brava, my poetess! (Gosh, that made me sound like Diane Chambers.)

  4. Delightful and lovely! 😀
    Thank you for the heart-smile.

  5. Emmy – I’d adore finding out; Boyfriend and I thought it might be a slice taken from the spine of a whelk – we see those shells washed up on the rocks pretty often. Found in Palos Verdes, California, if they need to know.

    la dauphine – Glib is our friend! Your blog is adorable and do not change it one jot!

    Many times when beach combing we’ve mistaken various things for shells: beer tabs, sea gull ‘leavings’…but rocks are always the worst offenders.

    Lauri – Then let it keep on smiling!

    leendadll – Jewelry that can be found and used is always a delight…maybe this weekend I can find a matching necklace?

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