Neptune’s Beard

Tendrils of Neptune’s beard

Rising in ivory coils

And covering the sea like a veil of marble

To reach through the weeping breakwater

Like mischievous fingers

005 (6)










The pale curiosities

The mermaids breathless fans

Busy explosions of salt and light

Wink beneath the seaweed like drowned irises

Amidst the blu-eyed scallops

004 (6)

Cast across the waves like nets

That stretch over pelagic miles

And pull at the chin of a submerged god

Who lies beneath the wandering patterns

To watch the ocean’s lively tapestry

014 (3)


2 responses to “Neptune’s Beard

  1. What a clever metaphor, and wonderful photos. Your reference to Neptune’s beard reminded me of the basketflower, which is colloquially referred to as “Old Man’s Beard.” It’s fluffy seedheads flow as surely as the water — both are beautiful.

  2. Thank you! The metaphor occurred to me all of a sudden, and I knew that it would continue to torment me – both in image in words – until I wrote it out.

    I had to look up ‘basketflower’, and was charmed by its numerous colors – who would think that the old man would bedeck himself in so festive a manner?

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