A New Year’s Thought

If all millineries were distilleries, we’d never be dry.


To all of my pretty friends (I have no other kind), do have a well-coiffed and suitably hatted New Year.  And remember that the world can be saved by the fabulous, by the shiny and by kittens.

And potato salad.



7 responses to “A New Year’s Thought

  1. A Happy New Year to you, dear Aubrey. If you’re not dancing at the ballroom on Catalina, I trust you’ll find something equally enchanting to take up your evening. I’m looking forward to another year of your fabulous posts.

  2. Happy New Year, lovely Aubrey! I will wear a hat at midnight and raise a glass of bubbly to you! 🍾

  3. A sparkly new year to you, Aubrey!

  4. I know someone who could make that hat. I wonder if I could tweak the one she made for me… a champagne glass makes more sense than a cigarette holder.

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