House Rules

Thanksgiving is a unique and marvelous day, one in which every person is given carte blanche to eat however much he or she wants.  There is a Thanksgiving celebration in the United States as well as Canada, and I do hope everyone else does not envy us too much.

However, it is also a very Easy day, easily adapted, easy for all to enjoy.  All one has to do is follow three simple rules.

Do not be greedy:

015 (5)

Do not ignore your family:

017 (5)

And do not question your good luck, your wonderful bounty, no matter where you find it:

014 (6)


6 responses to “House Rules

  1. And then the question comes to mind, “Why is there a pumpkin on the beach?” And, “Will seagulls eat it?” Happy Thanksgiving, Aubrey!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Aubrey! (Great rules!)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Aubrey.

  4. As a Brit I’m not so blessed with the celebration, but I think the idea of been thankful should maybe be marked somehow over here, as you lot do so on the other side of the ocean
    Unless I’m wholly off with my grasp of Thanksgiving and that all means bullshit!
    In which case I’ll just wish you a great day and move on

  5. I was away last week, but what a delightful bit of wisdom and wishes I’ve found here today. The rules are perfect, and you’re exactly right that it’s an easy holiday, adaptable in every sort of way. I hope yours was a delight.

    Now, I’m off to ponder whether a seagull truly would eat a pumpkin. My suspicion is that the answer is, “Yes.”

  6. Hangaku Gozen – If only a seagull had asked us! Boyfriend and I brought a pumpkin to the beach – it looks vaguely edible, it’s attractive…it was only a matter of time before the gulls came. (the crackers we scattered about didn’t hurt either!)

    Barbara – Thank you! I hope we followed them!

    Aussie Emjay – Thank you!

    Humble Shadow – Your grasp is complete accurate, the ideal of thankfulness is a grand one and shouldn’t be relegated to us fortunate ones on this continent.

    shoreacres – Absolutely ‘yes’! Not so long before we saw a seagull try to fly/run off with a pop tart (encased in a baggie)! They are shameless and utterly delightful. I do hope you enjoyed your holiday as well.

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