Autumn Is Beckoning

I think autumn is beckoning.  I can see its witchy fingers lengthening, the dark and daring shades.  They leave shadowy scars across summer’s honey-colored skin and I welcome that fleshy damage.  It is a stinging reminder that soon it will be time to leave.  It was a heady three months, but the equinox of bronze harvests is coming and the dog days of August must now slip back into their collars.

Cats, which for weeks lay like silk carpets of muscle and bone on baking sidewalks, became emboldened by the muzzled days.  They basked like soft icons in the long afternoons; in shadows stretching like Nosferatu, they clenched their eyes and listened for the onset of the hunting season.

I too listened for the harvest-colored season – the fields and orchards in the sky.  I smelled the wheat, the cherries, and the corn that rejoiced above my head.  I heard the hunter’s moon rise through their rustling acres.  And I so wished I could taste the atmospheric bounty that ripened above me.


It’s possible that I soon will.  When the days are no longer heavy; steaming under a layer of captured heat and moisture – a boiling, constricted mist.  When the nights are clear and the planets glitter like sequins in a diamante veil.   And the moon, swathed in her stark and chilly shroud will roam at will, dressed for the harvest, bearing her starry scythe.


But there is some waiting to be done.  Still, occasionally, a cold and sly wind will slip through the dense weather.   Or I will see a leaf or two – tinted with ginger or caramel – at my feet.  It isn’t much.

But it is enough for me to know.

That autumn is beckoning.



9 responses to “Autumn Is Beckoning

  1. Yes! Bring on the fall! This morning it was chilly enough to wear a jacket and I WAS GLAD. I am sooo done with 90+ degree weather, and sweat-soaked blouses and searing hot steering wheels and car doors. I want the cold to drive away the jerks who drag race down our street and the motorcyclists who gun their engines at 3:30 a.m. I want to huddle in a warm, chic coat with a pretty wool hat. I want fall!

  2. It’s true. There’s nothing in the world like feeling that shallow, breathy cold breeze suddenly coming and going while summer still lingers. The first ones never come from the north, but from the south, where the cooling waters also cool the air.

    Truth to tell, that first breeze may not be cold, but there are times when cooler is good enough. Beautifully written.

  3. I think you all will enjoy these. I do hope no one is offended. I believe
    Audrey will especially like them.

  4. I don’t know what it is about Autumn, but like you, the middle of August appears and I’m getting antsy for the crisper air, the yellowed grass, and the leaves falling from the trees. It has absolutely nothing to so with sports either. I’m not a football fan.

  5. Ah Autumn, my favourite season. Ours is rapidly approaching. A wonderful evocation.

  6. Still “steaming under a layer of captured heat and moisture – a boiling, constricted mist” here in Connecticut. Autumn cannot come soon enough for me. How I long to turn of the air conditioning and open my windows to that cool crisp air. How I long to go apple-picking!

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