My Birthday, My Way

My gift:

IMG_20150604_0001 (2)

My cake:


My right to look on any birthday gift or cake with all the predatory and possessive joy of a hyena discovering the freshly killed and untouched carcass of a zebra.

So, as tomorrow is the birthday whose age Dares-Not-Speak-Its-Name (they all have been for some time now), my mind does tend to stray.  It strays because I’m old.  But it also strays because I would like to take the time to thank you, my pretty blog friends, for all of your attentions, and to wish all of your own birthdays to be happy and buoyant and to likewise be liberally scattered with many welcome carcasses.


14 responses to “My Birthday, My Way

  1. Happy Birthday! I wish you triple-cakes worth of joy today and always. Thank you for the ‘presents’ you give us, your readers, every time we are delighted with a new blog post from you in our email in-boxes.

    You’re a treasure. 😉 Have a phenomenal day celebrating you!

  2. I happen to be going to a party tomorrow that will feature a large selection of cupcakes and tacos. I will eat a cupcake in honor of your birthday.

    (I will eat the tacos just because I really like tacos.)

  3. Happy birthday, dearest Aubrey! If I see cake or cupcakes tomorrow, I will dedicate them to you.

  4. From a fellow Gemini, have a fabulous, enchanting birthday.

  5. Happy birthday Aubrey – may your day be filled with glorious treats.

  6. Happy Birthday from a Women of a Certain Age to another. We need not mention numbers, because at heart we’re still little girls. Mischievous ones! 😉

  7. Macaroni cheese at the pub, solo
    My coming birthday for an age somewhere between thirty and ultra depressing forty
    So spend the day however the hell you wish and make it your day, happy friggin b’day and one hell of a big fat hell yer!!

  8. Happiest of all birthdays!

  9. It’s been such a delight to celebrate with you in the past — and here we are again! Happy birthday to you, and may the day bring you everything you hope for, and a few surprises that never crossed your mind!

  10. Many happy returns of the day, Aubrey! Buttercream hugs to you.

  11. happy, happy birthday! I’ve been meaning to make sure that you know of the books and tv-series about the glorious Miss Fisher (I recently stumbled upon the series on NetFlix, but my friend assures me that the books are worthwhile as well), I have a feeling you might enjoy it!

  12. Mmmmm, sweet vanilla carcasses. I’d say the look in that child’s eyes is one of wisdom beyond her years, cat who ate the canary – bound for greatness and beauty. Happy Birthday to a very talented friend.

  13. I wander in late to extend the birthday joy (and to look for cake that no one else wants…) I hope your birthday danced all day and sang all night and that no one got between you and your cake. Happy birthday, Aubrey!

  14. Enjoying that “predatory and possessive joy” is one of the best things about celebrating the day of one’s birth! You were such an adorable little girl and you had the same haircut my sister used to sport. Wishing you a very belated Happy Birthday, dearest Aubrey, whichever one this was!

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