The Splintered Target

Morning arrived like a javelin

From a dawn that coiled like muscles

Hurled down from the Olympian sun

Crouching like Helios

Behind his blazing chariot

Pulled by horses raw with fire

It pierced the shadows

And they shattered like glass

Into shards of dusky prisms

They were sliced like diamonds

Into a multi-faceted dawn

With one perfect throw

But in twelve hours the splintered target would become whole again

And the haloed god with a crown blistered with dragons

Would raise his mighty arm once more

The Varied Shadows


One response to “The Splintered Target

  1. I’ll bet you know, but just in case you don’t: the scientific name of the sunflower genus is Helianthus, making the link between your poem and the illustration even more perfect. I just noticed our first sunflowers this week. We’re still waiting for the clouds to move away, so that we can have more dramatic sunrises.

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