Theda Bara

The twilight came

Shuttering like an eyelid

Cobalt and kohl stained

Theda Bara stretched across the sky


Her golden cobras

Spat and curled into the sunset

Her venomous hair crawling

Her dark vanity and vampire perfume


Sparking through her curls

Stars pierced her dangerous skin

Blood dripping towards the sun

And bubbling like a witches’ brew


Then the moon came

To scold her wayward minions

For making her rise

To defend a fellow goddess in pain




4 responses to “Theda Bara

  1. Possibly the first sex symbol of film.

  2. I wish myself a star in one of these photos just to someday hear from the afterlife that you had written one of your glorious poems for me, Aubrey. 😉 Amazing.

  3. I love that in an era overflowing with images, her films have been lost. And yet, her mystery and appeal remain. Your poetry is a fitting tribute.

  4. One of the powers of poetry is the taking of seemingly unrelated ideas and working them together; you do that beautifully here; nicely done.

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