The Web

It was as bright as diamante.  Its silken anchors wrapped around a horizon of leaves; and though its expanse was only a few inches it sparkled in the dark like a galaxy.

006 (3)

Heavy with prisms, magnified within each trembling star a forest pressed against its curving, liquid facets.  Across the knitted veil these baubles were scattered, each containing a panorama multiplied far beyond its original, tiny landscape.

006 (3)

Hidden in the fragrant shadows, its creator waited, admiring her handiwork through her multiple eyes.  Her kaleidoscope vision took in the huntsman’s swath of webbing which a gracious morning had turned into an expanse of crystal droplets.  It was a dazzling and deadly expanse; a countryside woven for capture, even as it had captured the water squeezed out of the cool air.

It was a dainty veil pulled from Nature’s hair, a pretty thing much at variance from the tiny monster that was its architect.  The glistening jewels woven into the silk were useless to the huntress.  Yet they astonished the legions of tiny flying things that lived there.  And in their dumbfounded ignorance they flew blithely into the clinging constellation.


5 responses to “The Web

  1. 🙂 Pure enjoyment!

  2. One beautiful web! Have always loved spiders webs. Rather than overtly predatory creatures, I like how a spider spins its web and then waits to see what the universe blows through it.

  3. Lauri – so glad you liked my web of words!

    fifepsychogeography – a spider web, taken for itself – without considering why it was created, or who created it – is an extraordinarily delicate yet lasting work of art. How many times do we inadvertently destroy it (I walked through one not long ago) only to see it recreated the next day!

  4. What a dazzling web you weave with your words, Aubrey!

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