Like a lavender propeller

As capricous as a feather

As focused as a stone

It fell in a dismal spin

Into gravity’s hypnotic embrace


From a canopy that spread like a garnet cloud

A feminine twilight

In filigree flight

Flagrant and fragrant

It was detached, still in its summer youth


And I watched the tiny, delicate descent

A silent and subtle thing

Blossom before the tree

Child before the parent

In gentle acquiescence

Resting beyond my troubled hands



9 responses to “Jacaranda

  1. One of the delights of my home in Liberia was the great jacaranda tree behind the house. It was huge, and almost unbelievable when in bloom. You’ve captured it wonderfully well — thank you.

  2. I do miss my jacaranda tree, but then that’s the best part of Florida–all the lovely fauna that can’t grow up north.

  3. Awesome first line …

  4. A lovely tumbling sequence of images, capturing the moment and a tree that I’m not overly familiar with. I suspect our winters would be too severe for this ‘garnet cloud’.

  5. Two of the cities I have visited this year have been filled with blooming jacarandas cascading lavender confetti into the streets – San Miguel de Allende in Mexico and Lisbon, Portugal. Beautiful.

  6. What lovely imagery!

  7. What an appealing vision of a tree: ‘lavender propeller’, like your use of alliteration too.

  8. Oh it sounds like an enchanting tree and I wonder what it smells like… I did a quick search and learned that they don’t grow around here (New England) – it’s too cold in the winter. It must be a gift to have such an alluring tree nearby to inspire such a lyrical, lovely poem.

  9. Delicate words, a finely crafted work

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