The League of Extraordinary Ladies

I am fortunate in that many people follow this sorry blog.  However, at the same time it is true that several of these followers are IT Companies, Bedbug Exterminators, Travel Agencies, etc.  I would dearly love to boot them out of my neighborhood, but it seems that I am unable to, and for that let me thank WordPress for standing by me.

But I digress.

Many followers are quite extraordinary – actually daring to not only be extremely, even Agressively talented, but to be successful with that talent as well. A truly extraordinary league. Two of them – hailing from my old Vox stomping grounds – are published authors.  One has published a novel, a mix of snowboarding, coffee, paranoia and the internet (a recipe that can only be cooked up in the fearful 2000’s).

The other has brought to un unsuspecting public a story of mythology, reality and naughtiness – OK, in her words, smut – and has future plans for icons of American history and legend…all equally unsuspecting, I assure you.

I must admit that even I have done my best to join this league, as well.

But I have fairly recently met someone who has also been published.  And for that I will seriously thank WordPress.  Her book reads like “The Jet Set” episode of Mad Men, when Don finds himself immersed in the desert, in a world of modern glass, pools and morals, peopled by lovely, languid denizens whose talents lie in false conversation and relaltionships.  Yes, the book is about Hollywood.

The story is cynical, with varying scruples carrried in each character’s pocket for all to see and steal.  There are innocents, there are the guilty, and most interestingly there are those that try to stay innocent or to hide their guilt.

And to finish, let me just say that I had not read 10 pages before I came across this line of dialogue:

“Could you be angling to be my muse, Mr. Nelson?”

Muse-status just isn’t being discussed enough nowadays.

lady writing


6 responses to “The League of Extraordinary Ladies

  1. It has been a joy to be a part of these girls’ journeys through their literary lives! And always a joy to be a part of yours, Aubs!

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  3. Thank you, Madame Muse! You are a wonder, and the gorgeous Jet Set belonged to Sinatra…I think you probably already knew that ;). xox, V

  4. and a muse is usually a woman… interesting.

  5. Lauri – hasn’t it, though? It only makes me sad to think of where it all began, on our dear departed Vox!

    Vickie Lester – Let’s face it: it ALL belonged to Sinatra. The episode I was thinking of did have a type of youthful, early ’60’s vibe to it, but it also had a rich, languid ’50’s feel to it as well: a very dangerous and irrestistable scene!

    FD – We are very amused.

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