My Mother’s Gifts

I am reminded every day of my mother’s generosity.

I am reminded each time I look in the mirror.  The shape of my mouth, the slope of my nose recalls to me another face – one that I know and treasure so well.  Through this delicate inheritance my poor profile has achieved what charm it could ever dare to hope for.

I am reminded whenever we go shopping together.  We can be as silly as the most repellent teenagers, yet mother-daughter mirth is at the same time quite different:  something far rarer, residing on a higher plane – proof of a relationship that will extend into eternity.

I am reminded every evening, when we talk on the phone.  There is friendship to be heard, where maturity hangs by a precipice and its mournful fingers are in danger of being stamped upon by the words of two girlfriends visiting.

I am reminded by this same voice, but at the same time a distant one, whenever I read the diary of a new mother, full of love for her daughter.

I picture my mother writing – no doubt with me howling in the background – sequestered in a bower of her free time.  I carry the image with me, her serious expression carrying my future profile:  a vision so powerful it has become a memory, even though I was not even there.

My mother’s gifts surround me, as obvious as air:  as all-encompassing, and as life-giving.  What she has given defines me.

Mother, did I ever explain why I never added “love” to all those greeting cards I gave you during my younger, more cumbersome years?  It was because I always thought it was assumed, that my love was so deeply ingrained, so much a part of my flesh and blood that I thought it didn’t need to be said.

But I will say it now.  On my blog, for all my visitors, as well as yourself, to see.

I love you, Mother.

Happy Mother’s Day.

New Year's Day Pajama Party In Catalina

New Year’s Day Pajama Party In Catalina


3 responses to “My Mother’s Gifts

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to your lovely mother, who raised a wonderful, gifted daughter!

  2. Now i have tears in my eyes, dammit.

  3. Strange that I miss my own mother more today than I have the past two years. It’s really quite wonderful to have a piece like this to read, both for its portrayal of the mutual love between you and your mother, and for the good memories it brings to mind. Happy Mother’s Day to you both.

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