The Toast

The toast.  The toast that I’m speaking of, that which does not involve breakfast, can take place anywhere.  It can suddenly erupt – like a volcano of good will – at schools, in hallways, a bus stop, a theater, at work, the garage…anywhere.   Parties and weddings are not complete without the ubiquitous toast.   The person who demands that all proceedings halt so that he or she can utter some words of cheer is either brave, inspired or drunk:  and in very extraordinary circumstances, all three.  Aubrey, in fact, has often been guilty as charged.

Only one thing is universal to the toast – the bottle, and its diminutive attendant, a glass.  Neither must be empty.   Should one become empty, it should be thrown into the fireplace to the huzzahs of all other occupants of the castle, but that is another story and obviously another party.  Needless to say if your glass is empty have it filled once more, by God.

A Toast

To my adorable readers, foolish enough to push open the doors of The Café Royal, Aubrey gives you heartfelt thanks.  Once strangers, now friends – daring to read the charming stupidities posted here – Aubrey salutes you.  Stopping to comment before leaving – I cherish your footprints and in some cases have forwarded theme to the police and you should be receiving a call shortly.

Some of you I have known for several years – and have even met.  Some are new to me and are as of now mere delightful mysteries.   Old or new, I know you all through your words, and that perhaps is the best way.

In late 2014 I will have been blogging for eight years.   I say this only because when such a sickening amount of time has passed, one sometimes feels obligated to move on.  This is of course rubbish.  Aubrey stays.  I will spend the coming year and the ones tumbling behind it like a forest of kittens reading and learning from you.

I am very lucky.

I am posting this a couple of days before the 31st – the traditional time for yearly confidences – because I will once again be in Catalina.  At 12:01A the Casino becomes a zoo of savagery as people try to tackle the balloons falling from the ceiling.  I will try to destroy as many as possible in all of your dear honors – in honor of our new and bonnie year.



15 responses to “The Toast

  1. Bottoms up Aubrey – here’s to the next eight.

  2. Good luck with the balloons Aubrey!

  3. wonderfully said! I blog since 99/00… older blogs all looooo-ong purged, pro blogging for one of my past empoyers ‘has been’, and only Beautycalypse has my heart’s blood in her digital veins 😉
    have a great start into a fabulous new year! see you there! ❤

  4. To your good health and happiness in the new year, Aubrey!

  5. Here’s to a new year full of beauty and wonder for everyone, but particularly to our lovely Aubrey. And don’t hurt yourself while popping those balloons!

  6. Wonderful toast, and I’m relieved to hear you’re sticking around for another year. I also liked the photo. Such brazen hussies, posing in trousers. Those women I wish I could have known. Wishing you a coming year full of words to share.

  7. To the Cafe Royal – long may her fireplace be filled with huzzahs!

  8. Happy New Year, Aubrey and loved ones!!!!

  9. Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you!!

  10. I’ll think of you at Avalon – and raise a glass to your marvelous abilities to entrance and inspire. Happy New Year!

  11. Good health, best wishes and to many more blog posts. Happy New Year Aubrey

  12. Thank you, all my woodland friends! Just so you know, I was absolutely ruthless in regards to Balloon Destruction. The heel of my shoe was a 2 1/2 inches of destruction. Huzzahs all around!

  13. p.s. Thank you for the Christmas card! You look like one of your pink tree ornaments on it!

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