Scattered Vows

For the past two days I had been sick, the victim of blocked sinuses – the spaces felt like they had been reduced to the circumference of a neutron.  I should probably had stayed home from work for one day more, but the thought of spending another day mentally tracing each breath as it meandered its slow and tortuous way through my nasal cavities was more than I could endure.

I was driven to work today.  And as I got out of the car, something made me stand still, gasping with surprise.  It wasn’t my sinuses rebelling at the shock of fresh air.  It wasn’t my renewed astonishment at the bright yellow paint of my office building.

It was the wind.

Not a fey Spring wind, green and delicate.  Not a Summer wind, sweaty and bronzed, like the bodies on the beach.  It was an Autumn wind, swimming down from cold and distant currents.  It held the promise of Winter’s chilly bite but remained playful, like a kitten sheathing its claws before it pretends to attack.

As I continued to stand, the leaves began to fall – the powder that revealed the print of the sudden wind.  They gave their scent to the wind – dark and earthy; cold to the touch.  They seemed to spin around me; chasing and teasing.  I felt a twinge of guilt at glorying in their death, in their skin the color of sepia…but it was all Nature’s symbol of Fall, of the eternal harvest, and there was beauty there, too.

I stood transfixed, reluctant to move away from this sudden circular advent that danced around me.  The wind whispered of the future:  of early darkness, of amber sunsets that burned low and small beneath a heavy twilight, of air as crisp as autumn fruit.

I took in all its scattered vows, holding them close.  Then, carrying my invisible bouquet, I went to work.



10 responses to “Scattered Vows

  1. I am in love with your writing. Fall is here as well, I’m hoping to get some pictures tomorrow

  2. Firstly, I hope that you are feeling much better Aubrey. Secondly what a perfect description of capturing one of those moments when we become transfixed by the natural cycles shifting around us. Whilst many would rush for the door, you embrace the vortex of the wind and capture that experience in your beautiful writing. Thank you.

  3. Very nice as always. Is that graphic something by Clapsaddle? Looks like her style but I have never seen it before.

  4. It can go either way. In the autumn, down by the water, a sudden chill breeze can rise up from nowhere and as suddenly disappear. As spring nears, occasional warm breezes will come rushing in, “gypsy winds” that seem to demand irresponsibility and travel.

    Your description of the autumn wind is perfect – crisp, not yet biting, but full of the promise of change. We’re waiting, here. It can’t come too soon.

  5. beautiful. love the way you write. ❤

  6. Mid-season winds are invigorating! Cool air, warm sun… or warm air, cool sun. I this time of year!

  7. fatcat – thank you! Can’t wait to see the photos and see the season through your eyes; I find autumn indescribably inspiring.

    fifepsychogeography – thanks: my sinuses are still backing me up – or it could be allergies-or-whatever. This post was based on the quickest of immediate impressions; to think any more would lose that immediacy. Just feel it, and write it – nothing else!

    cranky – I had to look her up, and I don’t think that illustration is hers; her postcards seem to be more painterly and Victorian. This is more linear, somehow, and simple. (couldn’t find the actual artist for this image)

    shoreacres – ‘Gypsy winds’ – love the phrase! The very words seem to want to pull you away into distant corners of the world. Where have they come from? Where are they going? It’s up to us to find out!

    Julia – thank you!

    JP – The best time, yes! (although we are expecting Santa Ana winds for the next few days – bringing the temperature up 10 degrees!) Thank you for the link; I found it dreamy and refreshing – and will certainly visit it again.

  8. I thought it might be a post from today, which is so lovely with it’s cool winds.

  9. What a beautiful entry! I too am excited for the change of season. Although I’m not usually a fan of winter I find myself looking forward to warm fireplaces, hot tea, and the holiday festivities 🙂

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