The bushes were chattering:  their branches twisting with hidden life.  Their jumping leaves were bright with gossip and the blossoms were shattered by the strident conversaziones.  The petals rested like detached words on the sidewalk.

The impenetrable languages spiraled and sparred, coiling around the branches like a violent filigree of noise.  The bowers of a fledgling Spring shook with an angry din.

But suddenly the tumult was silenced, and the confusion unwound into a shock of quiet.  There quickly followed a soft explosion of feathers – an outpouring of flight in a paroxysm of calm.

They fell onto the grass like a brown, flying carpet.  They put aside their disagreements and fluttering discords.  And they ate in peace.



11 responses to “Sparrows

  1. Beautiful imagery – I can hear all the chirping and fluttering! Welcome, Spring!

  2. You’ve captured that little cluster perfectly. Is it a pin? It’s lovely…

  3. I can’t wait to hear the sparrows in the trees as they settle down for sleep in the summer. It’s as if they are all noisily discussing their day at one time. No one is listening, everyone is talking.
    I just love that.
    Love this, too! 🙂

  4. The sparrows stay here all year round, and their chattering and flutters are so heartwarming in the winter. Your description of their behavior when flocking to food is perfect, and that illustration is marvelous. I can’t quite figure out if it’s a sculpture or jewelry, but it’s lovely. It makes me happy to look at it, as happy as your words.

  5. Lovely – though the editor in me would question (and then accept) your phrase ‘violent filigree’. ‘Paroxysm of calm’, however, doesn’t quite work for me. That’s a beautiful piece of metal/silver. Can you tell us what it is?

  6. Barbara – I love the sounds of birds discussing and arguing; when Spring comes and it’s time to find real estate for nests – their conversations become even more strident!

    JP – Thanks; it is a pin – it reminds me of one I have: a silver one, of three parrots perched side by side; their bodies made of coral.

    Lauri – “No one is listening, everyone is talking.” A well-known problem with people, somehow charming in birds.

    shoreacres – When I saw them descend, that was my first impression: a thick, quiet carpet falling upon the grass.

    teamgloria – Thank you, my dear: as blithe and delightful as any bird!

    albertine – Thank you for taking the time to give this little observation a look! It’s odd, I felt a little unsure about the filigree phrase, while I felt somewhat stronger about the one describing the sudden calm. For some reason ‘paroxysm’ was behaving very stubbornly, and wouldn’t get out of my head until I wrote it into the post.

    fifepsychogeography – That’s all it was: a wonderful, tiny moment that could have been so easily missed.

  7. “a wonderful, tiny moment that could have been so easily missed.”
    Those are the most precious of all.

  8. This was almost the very same scene I witnessed but yesterday amongst the autumn foliage. Sparrows are universal birds it seems.

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