Like children, they shoot and fall

Tumbling across the sky

A celestial playground

They slip across the icy dark

The freezing velvet

Wrapping them in a bitter grasp

Like pins of light, with silver thread

They pierce nighttime’s skin

And make it hum with myth and life

They stir inside the arching bowl

Pouring like bright honey

Into a hive of galaxies

Like youthful broods they gather close

To their moonlit mother

A family of constellations

They glitter in twilight’s window

Celestial gems

That hang beyond our outstretched fingers

falling star


6 responses to “Starry

  1. beauteous imagery of twinkling twilights………standing up in the box at the red velvet opera box and clapping!

  2. Somehow this reminds me of the freezing cold of February, maybe because the frozen pins of the galaxy are most clear and crisp on cold nights.

  3. This does remind me of our winter sky. Most months, even without light pollution the high levels of humidity prevent this sort of view. But when it comes, it’s magnificent, and you’ve captured it beautifully.

  4. Delightful poetry – if we listen very closely we can hear the stars sparkling with laughter…

  5. Team Gloria – Light that is reflected in the tiara tilted on your darling head!

    Amelia – The cold lights of winter and early spring do illuminate the frost that glitters so far, far away.

    Julia – Thank you!

    Shoreacres – When I was so sick a couple of weeks, I recall looking towards my window one night and wondering if the stars were still outside, if the world didn’t revolve around whether I would ever breathe freely again.

    Barbara – What a wonderful thought! I hope the constellations were pleased!

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