Liebchen! Liebster!

La Dauphine, from her land beyond the rainbow, has been good enough to nominate me for the Liebster Blog Award, and it is too blush-making.   Anyway, this was completely adorable of her, and of course I accept.   I am greedy for renown.

liebster award

As is the case of such awards, when one stops giggling with childish delight one must next take note of Certain Rules.

  • Give thanks
  • Tell 11 things about yourself – subheadings,  charts, etc. are not necessary.  If  you like bunnies, for Christ’s sake just say so.
  • Answer to the best of your ability the 11  questions that are asked of you.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers for this award – let them know too, please – keeping it to yourself would be mean.
  • Ask the above nominees 11 questions of your   own, or use the questions you were asked.

Let’s get this party started.

11 Things About Me:

  1. I have a towering, stupendous fear of  insects.  When I was a child, this   was not so, but as I grew older and came to experience the Cricket-In-The-Bathtub   and the Cockroach-In-The-Kitchen, things rapidly deteriorated.
  2. I have hazel eyes with a spark of yellow in  them – this pleases me, as I believe they resemble a cat’s eyes.
  3. I am a victim of jewelry.  There is nothing I can do about this, and      frankly, there is a type of comfort in coming face to face with your weaknesses.  Embrace them.  Run with them.  Buy some earrings.
  4. I make outstanding spiced pecans.  Aubrey does not like to boast, but  really, they are truly full of delicious flavor.
  5. I detest cynicism.  It’s a bubbling pot pie of pretension, with insincerity as its meat, and having lived in Los Angeles all my life      I’ve had my fill of this bilious recipe.
  6. I don’t drive.  I’m not only a bad driver, but I am a  frightened driver.  Sometimes fear makes one careful, but this didn’t stop me from confusing the accelerator with the brake pedals and shooting into Hollywood Blvd. without looking.  It bears  repeating:  I am a bad driver.
  7. My God, I love cheese.

  1. I own a bustle skirt.
  2. Boyfriend is trying to teach me to surf.  So far, he’s been able to get me to lay  flat on the board, and when a suitable wave is pending, he gives me a push – and I ride to shore, clutching 8 feet of fiberglass.
  3. Every Christmas, I read A Child’s Christmas In Wales, I watch the beautiful televised version, and I also listen to Dylan Thomas recite this gentle story.   The words are as rich, whimsical and evocative as the holiday itself.
  4. I live about ½ mile from the La Brea Tar Pits – one of the richest fossil sources in the country.  In 2009, the bones of a saber-toothed cat, of dire wolves – as well as the nearly intact skeleton of a mammoth – were discovered in this area.  The fact that 10,000 years ago these creatures were biting and trumpeting exactly where I am typing this is a fact that I cannot wrap my poor head around.

Gas bubble slowly emerging at La Brea Tar Pits

The questions I have been asked are as follows:

If you were a vending machine snack, which would you be?  The one with the most garish wrapping.

What’s your favorite thing about blogging?  The marvelous creativity and freedom of it all.  It’s your own room, and you can play there even after bedtime.

What’s your least favorite thing about blogging?  Extremely time-consuming!

Use at least 5 words to describe your personality.  Sarcastic, Sardonic, Satiric, Self-conscious, Self-deprecating

What are the 10 places in the world you have to see before you die?  These are a combination of places I’d like to see, and places I’d like to see again:

1.  The Tower of London (graffiti in the Beauchamp Tower!)

2.  Brighton Pavilion.  They have dragons.  If they aren’t living now, I’m convinced that they once were.

3.  Bath (When I was there before I did not ‘take’ the waters.  This should be rectified.)

4.  Visit my friend Jan in Breconshire (Wales)

5.  Ireland – itinerary to be decided upon later

6.  Scotland – itinerary to be decided upon later

7.  Devon (PONIES!)

8.  The Artisan Hotel in Las Vegas

9.  The Mauritshaus (Vermeer’s Girl With A Pearl Earring is making a very limited tour of the states and is quite significantly skipping Los Angeles.  Apparently my only chance of seeing it would be to visit it in the comfort of its actual home)

10. The Pacific ocean, some 2 hours off the coast of Ventura, between November and March, on a boat, watching the gray whales

Are you a cat person or a dog person?  A cat person.  People even say that I look like I’m a cat person.

Do you think your perception of yourself is the same as how others see you?  A thousand times no.

What’s your earliest memory? How old were you?  Filling my toy baby carriage with dirt and watching what would crawl out.  Whatever did became my family.  I might have been eight.  I was certainly odd…so perhaps I was seven.

Do you feel like your astrological sign describes you fairly accurately?  I am a Gemini, a sign given to creativity and a certain stupidity when it comes to numbers, equations…any one of the more sensible sensibilities.  Geminis – two-faced and confusing – are erratic emotionally, as well.  So yes, quite accurately.

If you could travel to any time and place in history, when and where would you go?  There are too many times and places.  I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I would have liked to be in the crowds, listening to Elizabeth I’s speech at Tilbury.  Just let me hear her say:  “Let tyrants fear!”  and I will be content.   Also, could I please visit the Café Royal, in its 1890’s heyday?  Only to see Oscar, Max, and dear, tubercular Aubrey, and to listen to their languid, dandified chatter.

Desert Island: one book, one meal, one beverage, one album. Which are they?  The book:  possibly Collected Poems by Dylan Thomas – some earthy and dense words to take me out the horrible heat and dryness.  One meal:  Pizza.  Nothing else needs to be said.  One beverage:  diet 7-up; an ideal refresher when wrapping up a New York-crusted, cheese-laden meal.  One album:  God said to Abraham…Highway 61 Revisited.  And it must be the album, so I can be sure I can re-read those mad and delightful liner notes.

The following are my 11 choices – if you choose not to accept the nomination, please take this attention and intention in good humor, and know that I enjoy your blogs excessively.  Now, ‘leibster’ means ‘dear’, or ‘cute’ or ‘young’ – the award refers to up-and-coming bloggers with two or three hundred followers.  If you have more than that, well, I still think you’re cute:

By Word of Beth

Marilyn Kay Dennis

The Rag Tree

In The Barberry

Team Gloria

The Girl In The Hat


Madame De Pique

The Haunted Shoreline

This Writing Life

Bookish Nature

And now my questions for you:

1        Why did you start blogging?

2        Do you find that you usually prefer the book or movie version?

3        Are you wearing jewelry now?  Bonus points if a parure is involved.

4        Name five places you would never want to visit again.

5        Ocean or lake?

6        What is the first book you couldn’t live without?

7        Are you one of those bloggers that believe that people resemble their icons?  Do you, for instance, think that I am wearing a periwig and holding a star?

8        If you were alive in 1902 would you be tempted to ride in one of those new car-things or would you prefer to continue driving your four-in-hand?

9        Which actor has provided you with your favorite rendition of Sherlock Holmes?

10    You’re getting dressed for work.  You open your closet and find your clothes are not from this decade.  Are you happy about this?  What decade do you hope is represented?

11    Have you ever mixed a cocktail – for either yourself or others?  And if you have, can you mix a tall Bloody Mary – now?  All this writing and thinking has made Aubrey thirsty.


22 responses to “Liebchen! Liebster!

  1. Thank you, dear, dear, Aubrey! I shall attempt to do your questions and the honor justice over the weekend. Loved reading your answers to the questions you were given.

  2. GOSH!

    we were reading your responses with Much Delight and quite a lot of grinning at you via the interweb and then suddenly saw TEAMGLORIA and had to do a little wiggly movement with the be-socked feet under the (oak) bench (from the Big Sur set – a la Henry Miller – Crate & Barrel)

    rushing over to to answer your questions Right Now.


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  4. Congratulations, ma chere, for the award and for the splendid edutainment that brought it your way! may your list of awards grow to unimaginable numbers this year! et, bien sûr, many thanks for passing it towards Madame de Pique 🙂

  5. One of my favorite metaphors for sticky situations always has been the La Brea tarpits. It’s quite amazing to find you at the edge of them.

  6. From one bad driver to another, Congratulations for the reward, Aubrey! Never heard of A Child’s Christmas In Wales before, so I ordered it – a used DVD – looking forward to watching it…

  7. aubrey: i’m delighted by your nomination, and will fulfill the requirements as soon as ever i can–the dragons of grammar have been jumping up and down, very irritated that i have not yet helped them complete a certain approaching coronation event (and of course you’re invited…don’t forget your parure!)…that will be in the next few days, and then i’ll have some time on my hands… RT

  8. Thank you, Aubrey, I am very flattered, and will try to answer the questions, and bestow largesse on some nominees of my own, soon.

    I was curious about the origins of this award and found some info here:

  9. What fun! Thanks for sharing! And congrats! 🙂

  10. Hollywood Blvd? Holy crap that must have been scary!
    The gallery where my nude portrait was exhibited is just N of the LaBrea Tarpits. I’ve never visited them. Have you?

  11. how wonderful! i found you cause i’ve been nominated by teamgloria! love your blog and this blog award is just fun. love from berlin*

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  13. I’ve now posted my answers, which are quite mundane compared to yours. C’est la vie.

  14. Hey there. Congrats and hearty thanks. I don’t even know what a “parure” is– I’m not saying I’m not wearing anything like that, but I’m not sure, I’ll have to go look it up first. I’ve always wanted to go to Bath simply because that’s where the Wyfe of Bath was from, so it’s gotta be something good.

  15. There is nothing wrong with having a stupendous fear of nasty bug creatures. They were put here for us to fear and shriek at! Honestly, your man’s willingness to save you from small spiders is the litmus test of whether or not he’s a keeper.

  16. I love this, Aubrey. Thank you so much. Is there a way to widget that on my blog? Also re: answering the questions, I was hoping to email you about something. Are you on Goodreads? If not I’ll leave my email address here.

    Truly enjoyed reading your answers. I was not much of a jewelry fan until my boyfriend bought me a necklace tree. Not having to fight to get them apart made the going out experience much more fun.

    I think I saw a few photos of you since becoming a neighbor. You have a mysterious aura, which goes nicely with the ocean background you so often have in your photos.

    I genuinely, truly hope that I get to try your pecans someday.

  17. Your eleven things are fabulous, of course.

  18. just look what you started splendid man…..

  19. I did this in 2 parts Aubrey the first one is up, how fun! Are you going to add a widget to your blog?

  20. aubrey: better late than never; i’ve completed the lIebster award post (at least the most pressing requirements); i’m hoping that later i will use some of the unfinished reqs for a post…sorry, this has been an extremely harried period… RT

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