Out The Door

If this year should suddenly became animate, instead of a vessel full to the brim with disappointment, I would boldly approach it, take it by the scruff of the neck and just as boldly kick it out the door.

Don't Let The Door Hit You

This year, I won’t be looking back on the past months with any sentimentality – which is unique, as Aubrey is such a petty little romantic – but rather it will be with a combination of horror, and amazement.  As in, I am amazed I have had such a horrid time:  Fate, Destiny, Luck – thank you for the subtle and bedizened chain you’ve woven me.  I’ve worn it all year, and it is one frayed and tawdry necklace.

On December 31st,  I will be on the Casino ballroom on Catalina Island.


As in previous years, I will be positioned beneath the Tiffany lights, below the netting holding an anthology of balloons, like a jostling rainbow of fish.  At midnight the netting will open, and the party-goers will attack them:  out of fun, out of savagery, out of a fear of inflatables…it’s hard to say.

But what I can say is that the balloon that is unlucky enough to find a spot beneath my heel will suddenly become a symbol of 2012.  And I will then stamp on it until there is nothing left but some shreds of rubber and the merest whisper of helium.

And only then will I be ready to start again.  And besides, the price of admission includes a half of champagne.

A Good Year for Catalina and Casinos

Shall we all begin together?  In a suitable state of hopefulness and giddiness, I will fling open the door once again, and with any luck I will see your clever faces waiting, like a blogging, buoyant bouquet.

Happy, hopeful New Year!


16 responses to “Out The Door

  1. Yes, 2012 was a bitch of a year. 2013 just has to be better.
    Have a great time on Catalina Island.

  2. Stomp on a few for me as well.
    And have a great time transiting to 2012!

  3. 2012 is not a year I would wish to repeat either, hopefully 2013 will be the start of more positive times.

  4. So well written, this! And a great closing line. Yes, yes, we shall all begin together and have a go at 2013. Cheers!

  5. Yeah, from June on, this year was a trial. Can’t wait to have better things in 2013. Give it a boot for me, too, Aubrey! I hope you’re feeling better enough to really kick up your heels.

  6. I’d love to stomp on a few balloons, with stiletto heels. I’m also glad 2012 is coming to an end, though a cynical friend reminded me that just because the chronological year is done, doesn’t mean our present woes are. I will raise a glass to a happier, brighter year however. Happy New Year, Aubrey!

  7. Stomp and swill for all of us! I won’t have balloons to kill, though I will have a modest domestic bubbly to hand.

  8. Hee, at least you’re bidding it FAREWELL in style! I’ll probably do it in hiding… On to the new and wonderful, please!

  9. It has been one of those years, hasn’t it? I trust you had bubbly enough and targets enough to satisfy all your urges for celebration and revenge! Happy New Year!

  10. You are not alone, seems like many people are happy to see the back side of 2012. Here’s hoping for a jubilant 2013 and kudos to you for getting some travel in!

  11. How as it? I finally have some deco clothes which are appropriate for Catalina Casino events.

  12. I love the idea of crushing last year under our heels. I hope 2013 is treating you right so far.

  13. 2013 will be fabulous, I hope. We have all year to find out…

  14. aubrey: as usual, the post is too gorgeous…i hope you had a wonderful time! RT

  15. Dearest Aubrey

    Your place chez interweb is Utterly Splendid.

    And you are Most Kind to visit us over at teamgloria.

    Here’s to a delicious (totally as they would qualify it with in The Valley) 2013. It looks good from here so far -non?

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