Surfing Bunny

There are some people who consider Boyfriend and I childish.  We don’t mind.  Childishness can be marvelous and we are sure that particular sobriquet is given not without a touch of envy.

We have a toy bunny, and we don’t care who knows it.

Bunny has journeyed everywhere with us, and shows all the markings of a well-traveled companion.  He has the tears, scratches and unavoidable lumpiness that come when one is stuffed into purses,  knapsacks and pockets.

So Saturday we took Bunny surfing.

On Boyfriend’s hand-made board, Bunny waited for the awesome swell that would send him roaring to shore, like Da Bull, in 1960.

Calm Before The Storm

When that dark line of water appeared, Bunny was calm, knowing that the spirit of Micky Dora was watching…


But Bunny was reckless, carrying  a stance that was too lop-sided.  And the wave fell on him like a heavy curtain.


Bunny was soggy for the rest of the day.  I hope he doesn’t get moldy.


16 responses to “Surfing Bunny

  1. Fabulous!! Stay childish! It will keep you in awe and thrilled with everything around you — forever young. ♥

  2. Lol! That second pic really was ominous! I was on the edge of my seat! Kowabunny!
    Childish is definitely best. 🙂
    Dry out, now, Bunny!

  3. Love this! And, although you may be childlike at times, you are not childish. There is a VAST difference. Also, you are in good company. Check out this blog, by my dear friend (talented author, broadcaster, you name it) Brian: Buttons has been many places and has done many things. I’m sure he would join me in my fervent hope that your bunny dries well and not moldy!

  4. I agree with Beth Stilborn, you are not childish. Childish adults are self-centered and selfish. You have a child-like imagination, a sense of creativity, and a generous heart.

    I will admit I was afraid for Bunny when that wave started coming towards him. We’ve lost a couple of beach toys to the ocean, and the ocean seldom returns things.

  5. LOL! I love it. Gene’s Dad and Stepmother have a little purple and green stuffed dinosaur named “Nessie” who goes wherever they go. Nessie has a spot on the couch and is always on display. They have given her tiny travel pins to mark the places she’s been. 🙂 She is truly their child.

  6. Sometimes you have to grab life by the horns! Or the floppy ears as the case may be. 🙂

  7. I think Bunny still did better than I.

  8. I absolutely love this. Childish is buying a pet and then leaving it to rot in the back yard. Stuffed bunny souls are hardy and for adults only – they require a large dose of faith and sewing skills!

    Da Bull Bunny has pretty good balance I’d say.

  9. I’m relieve that Bunny knows how to swim in the surf!

  10. Look at that form! I think I’m in love!

  11. Bunny most definitely expresses how I feel about the surf. I hope he dries out in time for his next adventure!

  12. Bunny is adorable, and you are child-LIKE. Not child-ish. Big difference!

    Now I gotta go look for Lambert, my baby lion.

  13. Like so many others, my first thought was of the distinction between childish (petulant, selfish, pouty) and childlike (curious, wonder-filled, open). Bunny clearly was open to adventure – and what’s a little splash or two from a friendly wave?

  14. Aside from Bunny’s bravery, your fear for his welfare, and the soggy outcome – I am most impressed at how you casually slipped into this blog the phrase, ‘boyfriend’s handmade surfboard’ – wow – clever bloke!

  15. Love this! Our caravan has a full-time resident called Batso. Batso is a small blue monster with fangs, black bat wings and large staring yellow eyes, complete with a growl/scream-box in his tummy. We love him and he comes on all of our holidays with us. He has had many exciting experiences although I can say for sure he will never be so brave as to go surfing 🙂

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