Her Ethereal Light

Moonlight’s gown melted into the earth, its complex alchemy of the sky nourishing the green circulation of a sleeping country.  She was wrapped in the cold breath of stars and a turquoise swath of twilight – still warm with the memory of the sun in its low horizon lands.

A Final Goodbye

Light bloomed around her like a pale garden – and continued to grow, until it covered entire hemispheres, illuminating latitudes and longitudes.  Moonlight’s pretty dress reflected the galaxies she had left behind:  the radiant fabric was embroidered with their swirling travels, the distant clouds of shining planets.   

As she moved across the dark acres, the silvery fabric winked in the shadows. The gossamer train filled the spaces between the minutiae of the dusky world.  Moonlight progressed slowly, admiring her dress, as it flowed past mountains and fields in textile illumination.

She was so lovely, and wore her ethereal light like a veil that danced from her shoulders.  It filled the air with insubstantial color and rode through the atmosphere like a lush, metallic ocean.  Her footprints traced a luminous path, marking her progress as the evening grew dark and rich.  They filled with light, like shallow lakes, and the gentle waves nudged against the curved shores of dainty insteps.

Moonlight’s nacerous glow swept across the world with a chilly scintillation.  She moved slowly to take in her allotted hours: her lifetime of shadow.  She took the time to look into the sky, the blue clouds, her nocturnal birthplace. And with gratitude she stared into the face of the goddess who released her handmaiden nightly to announce her lunar presence and twilight’s soft departure.


5 responses to “Her Ethereal Light

  1. The quality of moonlight can differ so from one context to another. Winter moonlight can be harsh, ocean moonlight vibrant and dancing, and so on. the differences are subtle and hard to capture, but you’ve done it beautifully.

  2. Shimmering, delightful words, Aubrey! I feel transported to another realm…

  3. “Moonlight’s nacreous glow swept across the world with a chilly scintillation.” What a terrific image this creates in my mind.

  4. I love how the photo accompanies your graceful words so well. (I don’t care if it came first or not.)

    Twilight and moonlight are my favorite times of day, when I manage not to be afraid. It’s a shame that city living does that to many of us. But your words make me forget that as I gaze out my window this evening, just before the streetlamps interfere too much.

  5. The visuals you create explode in my brain. Brilliant.

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