Celebrate The Sleepy

Today Aubrey adds another year to a bracelet of days that is already thick and unwieldy.  If hours were charms, then jewelry would…oh, forget it.

I’m in my fifties and I’m tired.  Tired of accumulated numbers.  Tired of age.  Tired of youth scampering around me and spinning donuts on my lawn.  I’m proud to say that I refuse to age gracefully, but it does take a toll on one.  It makes me tired.

So this year, I think it is time to celebrate my weariness.  And what better way to rejoice in the spirit of inertia than to throw a…

Jammie Joy


And everyone is invited!  Put on your flannel jammies and bathrobes, your snuggies and slippers, your nightgowns and nightcreams (Aubrey trowels on an ointment of queen honey, milk and antique roses harvested by maids using diaphanous hampers so as not bruise the petals.  By the way, tiara-privileges are for the birthday girl only).  Curlers and hairnets are welcome – all of the features of nighttime reconstructive coiffures.

Alien Hairdryers Are Invited Too

Please come visit, do.  Pizzas will be stacked like cord wood, hovering over our heads like towers of…Pisa.  The bathtub will be swimming and brimming with ice and bottles of champagne.  Boxes of candy will be provided, with the nutritional information torn off.  I promise you, we will eat and drink ourselves positive sleepy.  

We will play records – petite, pink, plastic record players will be provided.  Aubrey will be especially grateful for any Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood duets.

Bathrobe Brigade

In addition, there will be the celebratory Pillow Fights.  Pillows for sleep are allowed only.  Decorative tassels look nice until they put someone’s eye out.  Pillow-lobs, pillow-dunks are not allowed.  Said pillow must stay within the grip of the combatant for the duration of the fight.

Here's How The Experts Do It

I don’t need gifts, but I like them very much.  Please leave them at the door.

So come to the Aubrey domicile dressed in patterns of bunnies, ponies, unicorns, puppies, kittens – covered in the soothing textures of cute (real-life representatives are also Welcome).  Let us unite in the universal resentment of times’ procession in the best way possible:  by ignoring it.


26 responses to “Celebrate The Sleepy

  1. *sips champagne and hugs my pillow*
    *blinks sleepily*
    Were we celebrating something?
    Hugs and Happy Day, dear Aubs!

  2. What a wonderful idea. Loved your nostalgia. I’m in !~! 🙂

  3. Im in my jambes and have my dressing gown on because we’re into winter here – I even have brownies to bring.

  4. What a wonderful celebration of a wonderful person! (I have left a suitably shiny trinket at the door.) Happiest of slumber parties, Aubrey!

  5. I’d wear my sock monkey jammies, but they’re for winter. Maybe just the flannel shorts and a t-shirt.

    Do your records come with the yellow squiggly plastic thing to put in the middle so they’ll fit on the record player spindle?

  6. *rolls up hair in orange juice cans*
    *sets out dazzling array of toenail polish*

  7. Very Happy Birthday! I promise to take a nap this afternoon!

  8. I must warn you that I am the state Pillow Fighting Champion of 1970-1973. I was only defeated because my pillow ripped open and scattered down all over the room, resulting in the opponent’s mother breaking up the fight and ordering us to vacuum all the down up.

    Happy Birthday, aubrey! I left a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in the kitchen. Stir gently with a peacock feather!

  9. Happy birthday Aubrey!!! Already snoozing with a cat on me.

  10. Hi,
    Happy Birthday, and the party sound great, count me in. 🙂

  11. Aubrey, this is the perfect party for people our age. I shall turn up with my fuzzy kitty nightgown, an assortment of pillows, a trinket, and my old 45’s (with the yellow plastic thing in the middle).

    Happy birthday!

  12. Happy birthday! I’m too tired to do all that. I’m a lot older than “fifties”. However, have a lovely time at your party!

  13. Happy Birthday, Aubrey. I will only come if you promise to tell the bedtime stories. A better treat I cannot imagine.

  14. How wonderful! And, I’ve never had a pillow fight so I’m especially looking forward to that. Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday! What a great idea for a birthday party. Have a wonderful day. (((hugs)))

  16. Wow, what conjured memories! All those slumber parties. Ones where we scared ourselves silly watching ‘Nightmare Theater’ because my mom said, before going to bed, ‘don’t watch that show; you’ll have nightmares’. So we all watched it. And huddled in sleeping bags grasping hands, eyes wide, all night. Oh the drama. What fun. I hope your birthday is so good you’ll look back on it years from now and laugh with delight at how young and silly you were.

  17. Happy b-day, Aubrey – and I really do hear you on the “aging” aspect of things. (I’m feeling it today, believe me.)

    A pillow fight sounds *wonderful.*

  18. Did I miss the party? I have my pillow! And jammies! And presents!
    Since we ignoring the procession of time, then I didn’t miss anything, right? Whee!

  19. Your words paint a party cooler than any I’ve been to. Happy day-to-ignore-time, and here’s to a lovely meadow of wildflowers growing somewhere in your honor.

  20. Oh, my! What memories, and such a splendid choice for a celebration. It may not go so well with the champagne, but I did bring the French onion dip and chips. That’s what happens when the truly old show up at your party – they think it’s the 1950s again!

  21. Happy birthday – how about a few purring kittens that can supervise the pillow fights and comfort the unfortunate loosers?

  22. You sure know how to give a party. I’m a bit late, but hope it was as fun as it sounds. Happy birthday! Hope you’re feted and well-rested.

  23. I may be late to the party but I practically live in my pajamas (wore them to Ink-n-Iron) so you *could* say I’m celebrating your day nearly every day. And right now!!

    I hope you had, and continue to have, lovely celebrations. And you don’t look in your 50s (and I’ve met you so I can say that with confidence)!

  24. I am sorry that I have missed the party. I do hope that your celebrations were fine and abundant.

    I’m in my fifties and I’m tired…. I so understand.

  25. Why is tiredness such a part of being in one’s fifties? Speaking from experience, I think it’s because we cram more into our days than we think we do. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

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