Myth-ed Opportunity

On my nameless, numerous walks to the  bus stop I always pay attention.  And it’s not exclusively to the stoplights’ primary colors or to the cars, fueled by resentment at their blurred commutes.  I also watch for the smaller things that stray into the raw mornings like lost children.  Their soft, sudden faces are a source of joy.

Tiny leaves bursting from trees like stars.  Pidgeons’ flight:  without shape or direction, they are a mass of hysteria:  a dark , shifting cloud.   Dogs on their walk – some I know by name:  Lincoln the bulldog, Max and Thomas – a pair of pit bull mixes – and a deliriously happy smudge of white named Diva.  Flowers discarded on the sidewalk, dropped by a rushing bride, her dress weeping sequins.

I expect to see these things every day.  I hope for them devoutly.  

But there are some things that I don’t expect – and they go beyond joy, beyond devotion.  One day, as I was looking to my right, for the car that might have my name emblazoned on its hood, I saw something else.  Tacked to a sign post, it looked something like this:

Jack of All Trades

Significantly, it did not have the warning slash through the image – so what did this mean?  Were jackalopes allowed in this district?  Did more people than I realized own these mutants as pets?  Did this mean I will soon (hopefully!)  see such owners taking these myths on their daily walks?

Or…was this an alert?  Had there been a sudden, dangerous rise in the jackalope population?  Should I take care on my commute – lest I be subject to a jack-attack?  All of these questions, I’ll admit, I found extremely delightful.

I looked for my phone, to take a picture – to record some sort of proof of this encounter.  But typically, I had left the blithering thing at home, charging and doing goodness knows what else.

No matter, I would try again.  However next morning – it was gone!   My opportunity of recording evidence of crypto-zoology alive and well in Los Angeles had been missed.

But I assure you, I saw it – as clearly as I can see each and any one of you.


11 responses to “Myth-ed Opportunity

  1. Perhaps it was a one day only sale. Or a migration.

  2. I want to say it was just a jackalope crossing sign, but I fear something more sinister: a takeover. No doubt they’ll kind overlords, but demand a lot of lettuce. We should get out our containers.

  3. Well, at least they can’t be carniverous.

  4. This just proves you’re a writer! You see something, the questions pour forth and words overflow. This, to me, is where stories come from. All those questions that need answering. Great post.

  5. I’m told jackalopes are very shy creatures.

  6. Perhaps one of our favorites species is expanding its range westward… And I feel your pain, re: the camera. At latest count, I’ve said, “Gosh, I wish I had my camera” at least 3,841 times.

  7. I was tickled by your impression of pigeons. Yes! They are so freaky, right? They always make my heart skip with that alarming flapping noise.

  8. I believe you! It’s amazing what things there are to see when a camera isn’t on hand to help us share the moment with others!

  9. Perhaps it was a migratory path and the signs were moved along with the migrating jackalope(s?? seems like ‘jackalope’ is both singular and plural)

  10. I think the world would be a nicer (but pointer) place if Jackalopes were among us!

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