The Pretty Girl

The pretty girl has fallen short of beauty’s sanctity.  Her dainty flaws and failings have made her accessible as she sleeps in the shadow of feminine idealism.  Her face is charming, yet uneven:  lacking the symmetry that freezes passion into portraits and makes the artist’s hands tremble.  She has been spared the beauty’s prison of admiration and roams happily through the fields of anonymity.

The pretty girl – charming, uneven – keeps a respectful distance from perfection, as she walks beneath her heavenly betters.  Her face is her frivolity – she knows that she will not live to be any man’s regret, to sit like a parishioner amongst his memories.   She is no floating vision to comfort his passing.

The pretty girl is a blithe reflection of the earth – its breath and color runs through her body; the blue veins winking below her skin pulse with carefree blood.  The beauty – alone and heavenly – ignores the imperfect creature below with her few minor glories.  Only the beauty bears the heavy burden of embracing all the virtues.

The pretty girl waits for nature’s chances.  A wandering shaft of light that catches the prisms in her eyes to create new colors and depths.  A curl to drop like a blessing.  Blushes that reveal a gentle fear.  A dark background that exposes a profile as graceful as a chalice.

Prairie Rarity

The pretty girl will get left behind, for all her delicate asymmetry.  Her image is ignored, filed away inside an anthology of pleasant faces – unknown and without fame.  I once watched a perspective buyer pause before one, his fingers tapping pensively on the faded cardboard before he left her behind.   

But I followed him quickly.  I paid five dollars for her.  I stared at her odd loveliness, smooth within the sculpting light.  Then, out of gratitude, I wrote a story about her.


5 responses to “The Pretty Girl

  1. “Pretty is as pretty does”, I learned as a child. Pretty was much to be preferred over perfection – just as “pretty doing”, or being nice, lived at the top of the mountain of virtues.

    Pretty and nice was admired. “Pretty nice” has become a polite term of denigation. Sometimes I long for the days of pretty and nice.

  2. Aubrey: What is it about the inexhaustible beauty of women? Pretty, perfect, flawed…all fill the heart with a longing that can’t be denied, not just to possess, but to understand and share. Where would we be without such love? RT

  3. shoreacres – pretty and nice are now soft, minor words. People aspire to a cold beauty, yet more often than not stumble and achieve coldness only.

    Music&Meaning – inexhaustible, yes – that’s why I seem to write about it so often! With such an expansive vocabulary of attractions, it seems as if a new language is created.

  4. Once as a child a met a girl who I thought was beautiful, so much so that in comparison to my other friends she had no competition. One day she did something so frightfully ugly that it changed her appearance before my eyes, and I could never see her as I had when we first met.

    I grew up a little bit that day. I realized that my first impressions are not the important ones. I have seen that some, who I never considered pretty, grew to be beautiful when I got to know them… I is magical when that happens. Not because I missed something in their appearance, but because I took the time to know their heart.
    ~ Lynda

  5. “A dark background that exposes a profile as graceful as a chalice.”
    I would like to have written that. Again, you have the touch, such a nice touch.

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