Ships In The Night

Little sails of communications, signed and sealed, they travel from states and continents – their paths crossing without the knowledge of their dear writers.  Postage has carved a map of delivery, and the letters and cards travel down tangles of streets that bloom like flowers.  Billowing like ships, they navigate towards my mailbox, the common ending to distant and unusual beginnings.

Throughout the month of February, certain of us shared our addresses with the intention of sending written messages to each other – speaking without the benefit of technology.  It was lovely to receive things other than bills and spam mail from AARP (how do they know?) and eHarmony. Tiny bouts of creativity and kindness from far – and not so far – away.

Basket of Missives

Basket of Missives

The sight of a card or letter, smaller than usual, of an unrecognizable size, speaks volumes:  of reading in the doorway without even taking the time to kick off one’s shoes; of a smile appearing unbidden.

There were so many benefits that came from this month-long exchange.  Thoughts and greetings that I never thought I would receive; pretty memories to add to the year’s resume…and finally, something all of you should keep in mind:  I know where you live.


16 responses to “Ships In The Night

  1. I wish I had known. I adore writing and receiving cards and letters

  2. You opened the mail before you took off your coat and shoes? I did that too! I always wanted to see what was inside those envelopes. It was also interesting to see what people chose to send. Sometimes it was a complete surprise, other times it was totally in keeping with what you knew of that person.

    Yes! We know where everyone lives now! [Rubs hands together evilly.] If we decide to throw a party, you won’t be able to hide….

  3. It was a joyful time to go to the mailbox. I still owe many missives to many people. My month of letters slammed up against the beast that is my schedule. Hopefully I will be able to finish my postagings this weekend.

  4. I got a letter from Subhi today! So I have to add to my spread.

    I always sat down before I opened the mail. Except for the Miaolings, and the postcards, which I’d turn over immediately.

  5. Also, I hope the photo of Batcat will have a protective effect.

  6. It has been a Blast! I LOVED it! I have a small stack of lovely cards, handmade and bought, printed stationary, post cards, colorful envelopes, and stickers, all with swirling handwritten notes inside. It was SUCH a thrill to go to my mailbox each day.

  7. I’d be opening the peep-mail in the elevator on the way up to my apartment, and sometimes begin giggling in front of strangers.

    I don’t see mine there, Aubrey, has it not arrived yet? (It’s so unpredictable when it has to cross a border.)

  8. Hi,
    I also love receiving letters from friends in the mail, like you I usually have them opened before I even get to the door. They are so far and few between now, but I still get the occasional post card. Any bills that come by mail of course can wait till I have not only walked inside, but changed, had a cup of coffee, and then maybe they will get opened. 😀

  9. We could have a progressive party, except that the travel might get a little expensive. 😀

    I hope we do this again next year!

  10. It was such a treat every time I got something in the mail! So much fun! I intend to keep finding things that remind me of all of you throughout the year and sending them! 🙂

  11. Babette – It sounds like this will happen again, and you must be included. It shall be so.

    Hangaku – Ha! It’s so hard to wait until you are comfortable and in a suitable reading-unexpected-mail position.

    Amy – Joyful mailbox time does not occur very often!

    LT – My image of Brave Lavender Batcat will protect my apmt. from all manner of insects and unwelcome creatures.

    Lavender – Thank you for the explosion of colorful hearts!

    Laurie – Well, I have good news and bad news. Bad – no, it hasn’t arrived yet. Good – I still have mail to look forward to!

    magsx2 – Nothing is as thrilling as a letter that is not formatted and comes unexpected. As for bills, I usually toss them onto the nearest convenient table, to be forgotten. Which gets me into trouble, quite often.

    Auntie – We are all too clever to let such an opportunity pass us by. A huge, miles-long party must be arranged.

    Lauri – What a delightful threat!

  12. What a lovely idea. I’m part of a blogosphere group that exchanges Christmas cards, and it really is lovely. There’s something special about finding something in the mailbox – I even managed to get a couple of “real cards” sent for Valentine’s Day, and I was so touched by the appreciation I’m going to try to remember to do the same for birthdays this year.

  13. I’m sorry I missed this… Looks like so much fun! ~ Lynda

  14. Now that you have addresses are you going to start a stick list?

  15. I too missed out but it sounds like fun! Email is good, but a physical item moving from one hand to another is an entirely different thing.

  16. For someone who writes extensively about clothing, you sure got a lot of nakedness! 🙂

    I am told this will be happening again next February, so those of you who missed out can join the fun then.

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