A Squirrel In The Bus

I take the bus to work every day, and it is a bleak business.  I try to look beyond the date and time scrolling above the driver’s head, the windows slick with fingerprints, the defeated light struggling through the doorway, the warnings scattered along the rubber aisle:  caution, wait, back door, watch your step.

So my attention wanders. 

The other day, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the cord above the insufferable windows bouncing.  It jumped nervously, as if it was gripped by a small, skittish personality fearful of its balance.  I felt sure that some creature, fallen from the trees, was chasing its stability, and trying to steady itself on the narrow, elusive line.

But then I saw the irritable fingers pulling at the silent cord, the muffled woman rising to her feet.  I sympathized with her distant job, the uncomfortable commute, the cold morning as she stood by the exit.

Yet for a brief second I was sure that there was a squirrel in the bus.

Back Door, Please!


9 responses to “A Squirrel In The Bus

  1. I like watching (surreptitiously) the behavior of people on public transportation, though with the spread of smartphones and iPads, it seems like more riders spend their commute staring silently at a tiny screen. When someone does something different, like your squirrel-like fellow rider, it really stands out.

    Me, I just hope that nobody starts a fight and forces the driver to stop the bus. I want the ride to be quick, brief, and with as few interruptions as possible. 😦

  2. Our imaginations never leave us even in the most dismal places, fortunately. I think squirrels come along for the ride in spirit. They remind me of high-wire acts. I like the idea that the cord can move itself, like a living wire of electrical forces.

  3. This brought a huge grin to my face, because I think that we, people with minds that are constantly entertaining, are the luckiest people there are! 🙂

  4. i never can be sure which startles me most – seeing something which isn’t there, or completely missing something that is. Sometimes, of course, that-which-isn’t and that-which-is completely merge, and then you have – a squirrel on a bus!

  5. The human mind is a wonderful thing!

  6. Love this. I’m the passenger staring with sharp, pointy eyes at your face, then looking away when you turn your head.
    The game I invariably play is this: There’s a natural disaster and we passengers in this train car/bus/whatever are the only survivors. So then, I have to study each face to make up the story each will play.

  7. I think I would have had to squeeze my eyes shut and mutter to myself, wishing the woman into a squirrel.

  8. Hangaku – It’s odd, when I took the bus to college the ride was very often quite manic. And the bus from high school was simply dangerous – I chose to walk home! Riders now seem to be much more withdrawn.

    amelie – The imagination is always on the alert, tapping you on the shoulder whenever you’re about to miss something rather wonderful – like a squirrel dancing on a bus cord!

    Lauri – True! Is it wrong that I sometimes tell myself ‘Thank you! Thank you! I’ll be here all week!’?

    shoreacres – Put succinctly and mathematically. I sometimes don’t understand the wires and synapses that can create things such as a squirrel on a bus.

    Lady Marilyn – It merges reason and creativity, to make the world not necessarily something that it is not, but rather something that very barely could have been.

    leendadll – Ha! Something like that would have us cheering and my parents reaching for a gun!

    girl – I’m the one in dark glasses, disgusted with my fellow passengers whom would never think of things like squirrels on buses, while at the same time wondering who that girl is, in that fabulous, fabulous hat.

    lisa – Fortunate woman! What fun it would be if she would be made aware of our wishes for her squirrely transformation!

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