Sharktopus Goes On Vacation

It was fortunate for Sharktopus that the Catalina Express charged extra for only bicycles and surfboards.  He was therefore able to ride along in my purse – complaining about the tight fit and cheap fake leather smell all through the trip – for free.


He didn’t like the 4AM call either, but I was with him on that.

When we arrived,  he stayed in the hotel room while Boyfriend and I took a walking tour of the Casino (Sharktopus was hoping for a game of craps later that evening – we had to set him straight and tell him that the Casino was a place for legal festivities only).  We also played – horribly – a  game of miniature golf.  But really, it’s hard not to enjoy such a cute and micro game.

Friday, Boyfriend went surfing – we all went along.  The previous night we had gone to a neighboring liquor store to pick up some water and trail mix – Sharktopus’ request for Mickey’s Big Mouth went unheeded.  What with the freedom of the island and the headiness of the ocean air, he was getting a little out of hand.

But once we got to the beach, he calmed down.  It was, after all, called ‘Shark Harbor’.  He went out on his own and inspected some of the rock outcroppings and found them Good.

Sharktopus Is A Rock Star

Eating The Scenery

Back in Avalon, we took a walk to Descanso Beach and past the Casino again.  Sharktopus thought it was rather pretty. 

Sharktopus Is On His Way To The Casino

Plush Profile

Finding The Spotlight

Saturday, Boyfriend and I once again once again went zip-lining.  We looked to Sharktopus and inquired if he might be interested.  I never thought a plush animal could shout HELL NO so loud.  He chose to stay in the room, watching TV and waiting for the New Year’s Twilight Zone marathon to begin.

Anyway, I’ve learned something about zip-lining.  There is No Way one can look dignified suspended in mid-air, wearing a harness and a helmet.  And this is not a big selling point for Aubrey.

Aubrey Is Scared And Looks Silly

And to make things more intriguing, we went on a foggy morning.  The mist devoured half the cable – you couldn’t see where you were going; where you’d (hopefully) end up!

That night was the New Year’s Eve party.  I think I’ve already intimated that Sharktopus can’t be trusted with crowds and liquor – so we left him behind.  Besides, he would probably have made a fool of himself over the macadamia-crusted mahi-mahi. (and the champagne too – and since Aubrey wasn’t sharing, a situation would have ensued).

The next two days, we walked, shopped and toured all across the bonny island.  Avalon has the prettiest fountain in the plaza.  Seagulls bathe in it, Boyfriend and I have long admired it.  And this year Sharktopus discovered it.

Miles of Tiles

 The cruise back was quick and sleepy.  We kept the party from Sharktopus as long as possible – he can be such an envious little creature – until he found a certain piece of memorabilia.

Starred And Feathered


18 responses to “Sharktopus Goes On Vacation

  1. How can you not like going on a trip with Sharktopus!?!? Also, I think that it would be easy to get a table when his presence terrorizes the other customers out of a restaurant.

    All these years here in SoCal, and I’ve yet to go to Catalina. I really should remedy that.

  2. I’ve heard such wondrous stories about Catalina. This does it. I must go.

  3. How wonderful! Sharktopus is very lucky to have found a home with you!

  4. Sounds like the perfect New Year.

    LT Sailor Babo wants to meet Sharktopus. “He’s a real Syfy movie star!” says LTSB. “As long as he doesn’t eat me…”

    The “rock star” photo is fabulous.

  5. Does Sharktopus have an origin story?

  6. The rock star photo is suitable for his 8×10 glossy to autograph for fans. He’s dreamy!

  7. steve – he’s deadly at a buffet; he can visit 8 stations at once.

    amy – Catalina gets a bit crammed in July; in a couple of months it should warm up and be rather delightful. Or you can wait until December to go – we’ll all meet up; Sharktopus too, if he’s in a behaving sort of mood.

    fatcat – we only give him his way because of his looks. The pretty people always get what they want.

    LT – Sharktopus worked with Roger Corman to put together his signature movie. I’ve seen the film, and let me assure you, it is EPIC.

    M—–l – Our client distributed ‘Sharktopus’ on DVD/blu-ray; as a PR thing, we sent to a few lucky journalists one of Sharktopus’ brothers as well as a copy of the film.

    LC – Sharktopus thanks you and wants to know why you didn’t like the other pictures of him. Sharktopus dosesn’t believe in selective admiration.

    • Yes, we saw Sharktopus’ film on TV, which was even before it came out on discs. Which is why I have always been so jealous of you getting to live with him. Truly, he is a legend who worked with legends. And he can’t be any more of a diva than Eric Roberts.

  8. I absolutely loved this. Congrats on having the guts of steel to go ziplining. The photo is gorgeous. And I just love Sharktopus. I think he is a gentle creature. Am I crazy? Anyway tell him I’ve made a fool of myself going nuts over mahi mahi as well. How can it be otherwise? 😉

  9. Sharktopus knows how to party hardy!

  10. What a wonderful journey, and a wonderful report to the home front!
    I was so pleased to see Sharktopus enjoyed the tiles. My one trip to Catalina I was quite taken with them, although being lucky enough to enjoy the view from a moored boat was pretty special, too.

    That ziplining thing? You have my utter admiration. I will listen to reports all day long, but as for partaking – probably not.

  11. I’m not a fan of Catalina (little too “sleepy town” for my tastes) but I’m glad all of you had a good time!

  12. Hey, go read my blog on Real Mail.
    I am fomenting snail mails to peeps.
    In February.

  13. And a fitting, ahem, crowning to a fabulous excursion it is too!

  14. What great fun! And Sharktopus is just hilarious!

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