The Moon Went Fishing

A crescent moon, curved like a ship, balanced softly on the currents of the dim sky.  The lunar canvas was gilded with cold, and its waning fragment was bright with winter’s cruel, sharp light.

Clouds smeared the horizon with twilight; fingertips plucked the stars from their night time aerie.  The sun, rebuked, sank beneath the hemispheres, wrapped in a blanket of latitudes and longitudes.  Night had truly arrived, a shadow descending from the heights of the sky’s perfect arc.

As the moon continued its gentle voyage, a single star – spared from the clouds’ harvesting – hung below it.  It seemed to be suspended from the gliding bow, deftly maneuvered at the end of a thread, glistening with the dew that bloomed out of the chilly air.

The Starry Bait

A sparkling bait, it waited in the depths of the murky atmosphere.   Alluring and artful, it was the pearl that once rolled in Phoebe’s palm as she reclined in her citadel beyond the planets. Delicious and distant, it lingered by the tender arc of light.

What did the moon wait for, with its shining lure?  Perhaps galaxies full of fish and dragons were close by, drawn close by their inexorable, swimming orbits.  Perhaps veils of light, the delicate frost of outlying worlds, would wrap themselves around that tempting hook.   

The moon cast its line throughout the night, ready for the nibble and pull of bright, curious victims.  It remained in patient grace until the sun returned, swathed in a bronzed and bloody haze.  Only then did the radiant ship disappear, floating away on dark waves glittering with satellites, to wait for the return of its twilight sport.


8 responses to “The Moon Went Fishing

  1. Hi,
    Beautifully written. I especially liked the paragraph that stared with:-
    What did the moon wait for, with its shining lure?
    That really was excellent, an enjoyable read.

  2. Cool. Your stories have a flow, but in this case I feel as though the words fell from the sky. Reminds me of navigation stories. Lovely.

  3. Lovely imagery here. I would never have looked at that photo and thought of the moon fishing, let alone written about it so lyrically. My favorite part is the thought of the moon fishing within a galaxy of dragons. There’s a story in there for you to write!

  4. This past week I’ve watched the moon grow larger each predawn as I leave for work. It was especially lovely shrouded in fog on Thursday & Friday.

  5. Barbara Rodgers

    “A sparkling bait…” Your words are prose poetry, so lyrical and evocative. I will be regarding the sweet moon a little differently from now on…

  6. Scarylovely!
    Reminds me, for some reason, of this poem by Margaret Atwood:
    You fit into me
    like a hook into an eye

    a fish hook
    an open eye

  7. The goddess and her lure. A poem in prose.

    I much prefer this kind of fishing to the one that tortures fish.

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