Goodbye Sylvester

The Tuesday evening before Christmas, Sylvester the cat had the desire to cross the street.  Being a demanding, yet subtle type of animal, he had no idea of stops or starts, of the cares or dangers that came from without.  He wasn’t foolishly trusting – but he was full of the concept of his feline ability, and the respect it demanded. 

So – predominantly black, he took a jaunt on a black winter’s night:  a small, leisurely silhouette that was too distant from the moon’s warning illumination.  An aged gentleman, he moved with the ease and gentility that befitted a cat in its teens.

A neighbor saw the car.  She heard the bump, even the delicate crushing of bones.  She carried his body to his owners – who later made her a card, in gratitude for her goodness and pity:  a photo of Sylvester with a pair of angel’s wings drawn on.

Days before this darkest evening, Mother had told me that when she was petting Sylvester, he suddenly broke out of his transcendent purring to stare at her.  It was the type of unnerving, unblinking, depthless gaze that would make a person stammer his answers.   Did Sylvester have a premonition of his shattering end…was he asking if Mother would save him?  Or did he only want to know if she would miss him?

Months ago I had written a post introducing Sylvester.  I mentioned his daring curiosity, his grace and his boldness.  I mentioned how he lived up to the adage of feline bravado:  that a cat can look at a king.  I know now that he curls at the feet of royalty, wrapped in the smooth heat of velvet robes – warm in the metallic light of golden crowns.

Another Life Calls


22 responses to “Goodbye Sylvester

  1. Hi,
    That is so very sad. It is always very hard when a pet has passed on, they became so much a part of the family.

  2. Oh, Sylvester, I’m so so sorry you are gone. At least it was quick and his suffering was minimal. And he had a good long, loved life. That is a wonderful thing.

  3. What beautiful words to remember him by. I am so sorry. Rest in peace, Sylvester.

  4. “…he curls at the feet of royalty, wrapped in the smooth heat of velvet robes

    may all cats share on this reward. thanks for the beautiful words.

  5. Awwww that’s so sad, poor Sylvester. Thuffering thuccotash. He looks like a real sweetie.

  6. Aww! Goodbye, Sylvester. He really was a handsome guy. 😦

  7. What a thoughtful tribute to Sylvester, a royal cat, indeed. It seems he lived on his own terms, whatever the cost. I know you will remember the good times and his winning personality will stay in your heart. May you rest in peace, Sylvester…

  8. Lovely tribute to a lovely cat. My Panther (whose name was Sylvester in his kittenhood) will have greeted him.

  9. I think cats, especially one as proud as Sylvester, would scorn pity from humans: but I am sad that his life ended like that. What a great kindness your parents’ neighbor did, bringing his body back to them.

    Did you ever see the Disney movie, “The Three Lives of Thomasina?” There was this scene where Thomasina enters the great hall of Bast and joins all of her cat ancestors. I’ve always imagined that all cats receive that welcome in the afterlife.

  10. Bye Sylvester 😦

  11. Aw, how sad. What a handsome old gentleman. Perhaps he knew it was his time to go; perhaps there was something inside him that preferred a quick farewell to a slow lingering one — old cats have so many illnesses.

    I extend my sympathy to your parents and their neighbor is quite a good person.

    I skritch my tuxie in his honor.

  12. I remember reading about Sylvester and being very drawn to your description of his little life. I can’t explain why I’m crying now so I won’t even try.

  13. Ouch. I’m so sorry.
    I’m going to go pet my cat Plum now.

  14. Beautifully written. And now I have guilt for getting impatient with my cat, Pixel, last night when I was in the woods with a flashlight trying to coax her to come down out of a tree. She didn’t seem to understand the words ‘raccoons’, ‘cougars’, ‘freezing cold’ or even ‘come down here now!’ Thanks for the reminder to value what we have while we have it.

  15. Farewell, dear Sylvester.

  16. The life of an outdoor cat is full of opportunity and adventure, but alas, it is fraught with danger, too. Adieu, M. Sylvester.

  17. How sad. He has a bold spirit and will surely find a good place in the afterlife – hopefully with no cars. Cats just don’t have the ability to understand the danger they pose. Bless you, Sylvester.

  18. News of sorrow and sadness. We can only hope that Sylvester passed without pain. RIP, Sir Sylvester.

  19. He was obviously a much loved family pet. No better life to have lived.

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