My Mythic Table

Please come to my house tomorrow, for a most wonderful meal.  I’ve jerry-rigged physics and magic, twisted physiologies and psychologies in order to mix together a delightful, gilded feast.

And you are invited.

Bows, Beaux And A Bird

I don’t need to give you the address.  As soon as you accept my invitation, you’ll know the location.  It’s called e-mind, and I paid quite a bit for the format.  You can thank me when you arrive.  Gifts are not necessary, by the way, but cheese is always welcome.  Aubrey prefers her cheese sharp and complex, like her men.

Tomorrow’s menu will be endless:  renovations will be consistent and constant.   Dimensions flatten and lie down, to allow for a table that goes on forever, and that will never be empty.  My table allows for countless plates and an eternal seating arrangement.  You will not be able to see from one end to another, but have no fear:  you will be able to hear any conversation clearly and beautifully. 

About dinner talk.  I of course encourage gossip, affectation, musical laughter with one’s head delicately thrown back, low and scandalized tones, wit and sarcasm.  I embrace your mannerisms, lovely people:  come to my apartment bearing them like adored children.

About dinner wear.  I’ve made a deal with science – eat what you want, and your waistlines will not expand!  So please, indulge in your pretty silhouettes:  break out your corsets and girdles; your streamlined tuxedos, your dresses with nipped in waists and hips.  I have guaranteed that you will be sated and stunning throughout the evening.

About dinner fare. 

Grace With Taste

The rims of champagne glasses will be dipped in chocolate.  Marzipan dragons, phoenixes and all manner of legends will stalk the table-cloth.  Breads will be studded with sultanas, cherries and edible gold.  Butter and honey so yearn to merge with these products of distant bakeries, that they barely touch the knife before melting in edible bliss.  It would be useless to describe the fruits and vegetables, as they have not been heard of in this hemisphere.  I chose them for my wonderful meal because of their color, shape and gem-like facets:  for their mythical, Scheherazade qualities.  They were chosen because they were not cooked carrots, which Aubrey does not like.

About dinner ware.  Carved from pearl and tawny bakelite there will be oyster, fish, salad, entrée and savory forks.  There will be soup and custard spoons. And knives too, for butter, meat and fish.  They are polished so bright that you will not only see your own face in them, but other faces as well, from distant stories, from unheard-of times.  Sherry, champagne and wine glasses spark and link all the way down this promised, fabled table.

About dinner gifts.  Something fabulous waits for each guest, but don’t ask me what – they vary wildly, and are known only to you. It becomes evident only as you choose your place and sit down; and then it materializes:  your most desired and extravagant present. 

Light will not be clear and vacant; it will be apricot and pomegranate – sapphire and oceanic – bronze and cadmium…and always flattering.  Shadows will not be your own.  Look out my windows – the sky – for the evening of my wonderful meal only – will be heavy and spiked with stars.  An aviary of constellations will watch us celebrate.

So please visit me!  Escape the sounds, sights and tastes of a world  harnessed to reason, and sit at my mythic table.


24 responses to “My Mythic Table

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I always think of you fondly on this day. xoxoxoxo Babette

  2. sounds delightful! save me a spot: I’ll be there. I’ll bring a top red and a few poems to perform for the delectation of the guests and a few delicious anecdotes 🙂 can you fit me in?

  3. Thank you for the lovely feast, Aubrey! I hope your RL Thanksgiving is as heavenly as the e-magined one!

  4. Thank you for this kind invitation, Aubrey. I’d love to attend.

  5. Thank you for sharing that fantastic feast. 🙂 I am thankful to have your beautiful words and images to delight in all year round. many Thanksgiving *purrs* from the Miaos.

  6. I gratefully accept your invitation. My appetite, love of friends and good conversation, and I look forward to such a wonderful event!

  7. Hi,
    How could anyone resist such a fabulous invitation, I will be there. 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. I’m honored and plan to wear something slightly scandalous, and rings whose origins are a mystery. Just for an evening, my eyes will be a different color. I hope you notice!

    Thank you, dear Aubrey, for this gem of an invitation. You’ll recognize me. I’ll be smiling.

  9. elizabethannewrites

    I am delighted to accept your invitation, and look forward to donning my finest of finery, and dining among such glittering companions.

  10. Thank you, dearest Aubrey, I’ll bring all my best words along in my evening clutch to entertain you with in return.

  11. I would just like to thank you for using the often overlooked “wonderful autumn” tag.

  12. I’m so there with bare feet, bluebells in my hair and bearing cheap wine, fine cheese and the world’s thickest dictionary with every word known to humankind and those not yet invented. Oh, and a carafe of live seahorses to keep you company when the crowd goes home.

  13. Your dinner was so much better than mine… Can I bring some left-overs home?

  14. Thank you.

  15. I missed the invitation. Bereft.

  16. Sounds fantastic! It’s a shame I missed it.

  17. You’ve outdone yourself here, both in writing and presenting the feast. I’d say I missed it, since it’s dec 4 as I write this, yet, I did not. It was fabulous. I just experienced it through reading it.
    The piece, it’s concept, the whole thing, is fabulous. I wear my glorious holiday robes as I sit here reading and re-reading. And you made me laugh, too: “Aubrey does not like cooked carrots.” Good! (nor do I really, It’s a childhood hangover thing that has me make them each year, that and the fact that the vegans in the family will always partake.

    Anyway, happy holidays to you A, and please, would you consider hosting a December feast as well? I will bring a stunning hostess gift and of course some cheese as well!

  18. Alas, I missed it too. I think I’m dressed perfectly for your party with my hat and gown, too. I would have brought you some rose flavored turkish delight, rosewater for your bath, and a bouquet of roses from my garden. (Makes me wonder if you could have a real virtual (oxymoron) party where you send out invitations, we put on masks of a sort and “show up” for an online conversation. I wonder how that could work. Wouldn’t that be fun?)

  19. I’ve traveled back in time and accepted your wonderful invitation. Thank you for a dazzling Thanksgiving!

  20. Your invitation is reciprocated, always.

  21. This is a feast for the ages and should be published somewhere every Thanksgiving. Consider yourself added to the list of fiction writers that I am “not worthy of.”

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