Happy Halloween



Did You Leave This Here?


Odd...This Wasn't Here When I Left


My Conclusion Is: This Is NOT A Treat


I Am Not Convinced That This Is Fancy Feast


Two Profiles


11 responses to “Happy Halloween

  1. Hi,
    Happy Halloween, I hope you have a great time. 🙂

  2. Do you carry pumpkins around with you and see how different animals react to them?

    I think I like that.

  3. I love it!
    And I can read seagulls’ minds…the only question they would ask “Is this edible?”
    Love the two profiles, too…although how do you know which is the pumpkin’s profile? I guess it’s nothing but a profile!

  4. I love it, especially the look on the seagull’s face in the first shot. Lauri is right, they were just wondering if they could eat it. Since it didn’t smell like a fish or look like a fish, they concluded it was a very strange rock or variety of seaweed.

    Happy Halloween, Aubrey!

  5. Smiling… Happy halloween, Aubrey

  6. Happy Halloween, Aubrey! Love the seagulls’ reactions to the pumpkin on the beach – perfect! And the cat seems appropriately underwhelmed…

  7. magsx2 – Thanks, I did! No one came to my apmt., so I have an entire tray of Three Musketeers bars…all mine!

    M—–l – There was a pumpkin patch on the way to the beach. It was my idea that Boyfriend and I buy one, take it to the beach, and see what happens. They wanted $8 for this one – Boyfriend was able to get it for $5.

    Lauri – I think the gull in the first photo was the alpha gull; he kept yelling at the others to get away. Once he was alone with the pumpkin, however, he honestly didn’t know what to do.

    Hangaku – Maybe instead of ‘if’ they could eat it, it would be ‘how’ they could eat it? Seagulls are the ultimate opportunists.

    Sparks In Shadow – Photos of animals trying to wrap their heads around a winter squash = happy.

    Barbara – No one does disgust like a cat!

  8. No one does disgust like a cat!

    That comment is nearly as amusing as the photos. Truly, a delightful post!

  9. cute and clever

  10. Those gulls are like, do you think he has potato chips?

  11. Ha ha! Animals are funny. My cats must inspect everything, even if they’ve surely seen it before.

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