You Shouldn’t Laugh At Others’ Misfortunes…

…but sometimes it’s just FUN:

(Apologies to Boyfriend)


13 responses to “You Shouldn’t Laugh At Others’ Misfortunes…

  1. Hi,
    Great shot. Well done. 🙂

  2. Awwww! But he still looks quite happy….a controlled landing!
    What fun!

  3. Ditto Lauri. It looks like he’s going for the dramatic wipeout. Beautiful shot!

  4. Heehee! Great photo. He makes it look deliberate, as a cat would in a similar situation.

  5. I wanted to add that it looks like fun unless that triangular thing is not a surfboard, but a fin! 😛

  6. magsx2 – thanks! I was also happy to capture that boat on the horizon. Half the fun of photographing Surfing Boyfriend is checking the photos out later and seeing if I caught anything else (island, boat, birds, etc.).

    Lauri – Boyfriend has seen dolphins, sea lions, fish…he’s stepped on a sting-ray (he sure does make a funny when that happens!) too. We’ve seen on this beach a fisherman land a leopard shark, but they’re bottom feeders, not interested in seals, or humans who look like seals.

    AmyH – Boyfriend is capable of much more spectacular wipeouts! I should start collecting a portfolio of them: “When Bad Things Happen To Good Surfers”.

    Aussie – thanks! I usually delete these pictures, but Boyfriend seems to enjoy them as much as I do (I should say ‘almost’ – surely no one enjoys the sight of him wiping out as much as I do). I received his full permission to post this picture.

    LM – exactly! A kitty would look calmly look around, with an appearance that says it meant to do that, and ask, “What? What are you looking at?” Boyfriend is actually quite surprised here – completely expressionless.

  7. I wish I knew how to manipulate digital photographs. I’d rotate him to the left about 80 degrees.

  8. OK, I would not have laughed, but you laughed first. So I allowed myself a chuckle. Mostly because it looks like great good fun no matter what! (I’ve not surfed.) And it’s a gorgeous day and a great shot! Good on ya.

  9. Oh I am all for schadenfreude – enjoy while you can!

  10. well – you have to get off somehow… off the board that is 🙂

  11. elizabethannewrites

    I’m chortling, but I’m chortling *with* him, not *at* him. And there are likely people in the world who would believe that.


  12. Well, if he never went down he’d never be able to get out so I think it’s good to practice!!

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