Petals and Petticoats

The flowering vine curled up the tree trunk like a twisting petticoat:  a lacy hem of petals pulled up shamelessly, crawling up the exposed branches.

Avril In May

Skirts the color of apricots curved like stairways, their borders pausing in mid-kick – graceful and shameless.  Jane Avril’s dance immortalized by tree and flower, her galop prancing in a garden for the duration of a masculine season appreciative of a shapely limb.

Skirts and a Flirt

Crinkling bougainvillea embroidered into filigrees as delicate as any that might have rested on a woman’s knee.  They rustled and swayed like crinolines in a music hall that was light with springtime’s new-made bounty.  The dusky perfumes of the demimonde were a different time, a different season, a distant woman. 

 Skirts circled the bough, a halo of amber blooms lifted as brazenly as any actress frozen in a postcard, tinted by hands long buried in the ground.  But this lady has her living roots in that same earth…and she will live forever.

Skirt of Blossoms


10 responses to “Petals and Petticoats

  1. Lovely prose and pictures. =)

  2. Oh Wow, it’s beautiful! I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this.

  3. So incredibly beautiful!

  4. Bougainvillea are a topic here at the moment as Mr and Mrs Boy have been digging a large one out of their front garden. Too many thorns. How can something that looks so pretty, be such a thorny monster? Look, don’t touch!

  5. love the link of flower&tree to Jane Avril – it suits in color, shape and image – whatever made you think of it? an absolutely wonderful pairing.
    And for some reason, the phrase “distant lady” resonates.

  6. india – thank you; I see these flowers – and more – on my walk home from work; there are so many multi-colored jungles to investigate!

    m – at this time of year, the bougainvilleas are blooming everywhere: magenta, pink, peach, scarlet, orange; they bloom so fast, they practically gallop over the garden walls!

    Lauri – thank you!

    Flamingo – I passed a scarlet one yesterday, and I thought of your comment – so I inspected it, and sure enough – tiny thorns!

    oh – my mind is so random; the very first word that popped into my head when I saw this tree/bloom combo was ‘skirts’. Frilly skirts held high in fact – and who else does this but a can-can dancer? From that it was a short step to the only can-can dancer I knew, Jane Avril, and the circle was complete.

  7. Nice writing – a flair for the evocative. Isn’t spring lovely?

  8. Perfect.

    There was a lot of bougainvillea in our neighborhood in India- mostly pink and red, but I never saw anything this lush! And you found the most beautiful story to go with it.

  9. I don’t think I’ve seen many apricot bougainvilleas – I love the deep red flowers. And, I love bougainvilleas draped over cottages.

  10. We don’t have bougainvillea here – it sure looks very pretty! Apricot is not one of my favorite colors, but your words and images are getting me to see its beauty on this flower…

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