Monstrous Magic

When one is a child, the world is full of monsters:  oversized, unfamiliar, unexplained.  There were exotic and weird surprises too:  presents that mysteriously appeared underneath a tree, or a many-stemmed candle;  deer galloping on the roof, their breath appearing in wintry gusts in the fire-place; coinage that materialized underneath a pillow in exchange for a tooth.   There were all manner of things that were terrifying and baffling, yet still dusted with magic, like sugar.  They were rare and sweet, but they just as easily melted away.


In the spring, another strange creature emerged.  Towering, humanoid – with tall, lagomorphic ears, it was the symbol of a fresh, unsullied season…and candy.

 And if a monster – albeit a fluffy one – was giving out candy, courage always got the better of me.  I am pretty sure, in fact, that the promise of food was the long-forgotten reason for my spring-time audacity.  And if I was required to sit on the lap of an over-sized rabbit, I would be quite delighted to do so.


Because that’s just the way Aubrey rolls.

Now, I’m not a religious person, so the definition of Easter is an awkward one for me.  This is the time when I lean towards the pagan and the green mysteries that never die.  This is when I prefer to celebrate the rebirth of the many:  flowers, animals, birds, the sounds in the sky, the colors of the earth. 

These are miracles too.


16 responses to “Monstrous Magic

  1. What a brave girl to sit on the monster bunny’s lap! I always thought E.B. was even creepier than the red-suited home invader…

  2. Beautiful and look at the delight on the child-you’s face! It’s making me so happy! 🙂
    Easter is my daughter’s favorite holiday. When she was four and my sons were six and three, she was the only one of the three brave enough to approach the monster with giant ears and say “I want sugar-candy!”

    The candy was worth the terror for her!

    Spring is a miracle over and over and over. It’s a thrill to see seeds sprouting, life coming from what appeared dead. That’s the resurrection.
    Amen and amen!

  3. I like that the Easter Bunny’s human arm is on clear display.

  4. It’s funny, but I was always afraid of Santa Claus, but never the Easter Bunny. There was something more benign about a giant rabbit than a big fat man in a red suit.

    But you were an adorable child! How could anyone NOT give you candy? Even if it was EB’s job?

  5. I didn’t even know til now that there was such a monster. Geez thanks for one more bit of nightmare fodder. 🙂 Easter’s all about chocolate for me.

  6. Which one’s the monster?
    (runs away)

  7. What a cute child you are!

  8. I couldn’t quite remember what that rabbit reminded me of. It’s Harvey, the six-foot rabbit from the movie of the same name, starring James Stewart!

    I didn’t have a clue there were rabbits with laps out there now. The real Easter bunny is never seen, of course….

  9. One of my sisters was once a mall Easter bunny and absolutely loved the experience. (She now works for Easter Seals). The combination of wonder and candy is irresistible.

  10. Many thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, Aubrey. You encouraged me to sit down and figure out why none of these weird, invisible, gift-giving beasties were not scary at all. Was I just a full-fledged gimmie monster or was it because I had older brothers and sisters who loved to burst the fable bubble? Actually, because my mom and dad struggled financially, I loved the idea that some outsider provided little perks in life. So when older siblings blew the scam, I was doubly disappointed. 😀

  11. Barbara Rodgers

    That is the sweetest picture of you and the Easter Bunny. You made me remember the first thing I ever saved up my allowance for – a large pink stuffed toy bunny who I named Easter. Then when I was a teen, I named my female cat Astarte. I’m enchanted by the green mysteries, too…

  12. Ha ha. After all the creepy photos of monstrous Easter Bunnies with crying children in their laps, this one is a welcome respite. I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  13. I wrote about Easter (sort of) once, attempting to be magical but not religious:

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