Aubrey is Recognized

I have recently been shocked, tazed, stunned, practically traumatized with a quite undeserved tribute. Cindy has nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award, and my poor, dim head is dazzled. Thank you for considering me, my dear, but…oh dear!

A Gift

Now, as I’ve been told when I’ve asked for an opinion of a dress I’m wearing: there are laws:

• Thank the person who honoured you and print a link to their blog. This has been done, and most happily so.

• Tell 7 random facts about yourself. I will, and I don’t think they could be anything else but random. They’re running around like ducklings looking for their mother, even as I write.

• Pass the award to 15 new-found bloggers. Here’s the thing. I’m fairly new to WordPress – haven’t been here for even a year; and I’m slow to make new acquaintances. Most of the people on my Blogroll are taken from the mass exodus from Vox. These are old friends. My Blogroll, contains 8 new bloggers…and they will receive the nomination. I’ll admit that we sort of circulate in the same circles, so many of these people will probably receive their second or even third nomination, but it looks pretty, right?

• Contact each blogger who receives this nomination. No. I’d like to keep it a secret.

• Let the giver of the award know whether you accept it or not. Hell’s bells, I’ll grab anything I can get my bloggy hands on!

Aubrey’s Random Facts:

I would sell my soul for a pint of Canter’s potato salad.

When I still had the time and money, I went to England on a yearly basis. I always made sure that my visits included castles…intimidating and elegant, standing like grande dames guarding the family’s acreages. I’d put my hands to the cold, dark walls and feel the life trapped inside – the remaining spirits that have not evaporated with the centuries.

I started reading history in college – it was just an afterthought, I felt it would help me with my Art History classes. I can’t recall if it did or not, as this was before the Punic Wars, and memory fails me. However – I have been reading history ever since. There was strangeness then, beauty, sickness, danger, grace, intelligence, intolerance – in degrees that I shall never know. I am strangely fascinated by distance.

As for Art History…it sort of absorbed into my bones. What it taught me was not to be afraid to voice my opinion on any object of art. And believe me, I am not. I know what to look for, and I recognize it when it’s not there. When I say that Renoir sketched his figures with spines like jellyfish, you can take it as a fact.

I have over 200 framed photographs hanging in my apartment.

Aubrey Beardsley is my favourite artist, writer, bon vivant. When I was first studying a book of his drawings, I was so moved that I had to close the book – to catch my breath, and gain my composure. All that magnificence in such a tiny (barely 26 years) life.

I’m always delighted when I see the moon – piercing an early twilight, or following me on a dark evening. It is the beauty that dares the dark, the distant clasp of jewellery glittering from night’s collar. It lends itself well to any story, any myth – and turns any allegory into truth. I see the moon and realize that anything is possible.

OK, I’ve had time to set the table, the Veuve Clicquot is chilled…it’s time to announce our nominees!

Antiphons Garden – I visit this garden for brief, thrilling poetry, for daring perceptions and…yes, intelligence. And when the Garden visits the Café, I am guaranteed more thoughtful commentary than I think my poor posts deserve.

Barbara Rodgers loves the sea and the moon. Right now, she has posted a J.W. Waterhouse painting of a cream-gowned maiden gazing toward the green ocean. There is art and romance in her blog – be prepared to get wonderfully lost.

Flandrum Hill – Art and nature embrace on this hill. Flandrum Hill is in Nova Scotia – there is life and beauty here, and in both words and photographs they are delightfully captured. It is green and cool here, and there is always time for a walk.

Julian Hoffman – Observations and art from Greece: which means that there are colors, skies and history here which are hard to equal. His words are as graceful as his photographs.

Paikea – Clever. Funny. And it was from here that I learned that Jennifer Garner is going to be the new Miss Marple! We are equally disgusted. Oh, and we are both fans of the updated ‘Sherlock’. You should be, too.

Shore Acres – A blog of stories; sweet and delicate. They can begin with two or three ideas circling each other, only to eventually dovetail into an ending that is faultless and charming. There is great care taken here, and it shows in the smooth perfection of each post.

The Rag Tree – Words; pictures; poetry. There is a deep love of language here – there is an experimentation with understanding of speech that is inspiring. Art and words flatter each other – in a world of beauty and culture, this Tree climbs high, indeed.

This Writing Life – Not surprisingly, this is a blog about writers, writing, the process of writing, the results of having written. If it had an image, it would be a towering library of warm wood, its shelves filled to the ceiling with books. This is a place of art and talent, and what you’re prepared to do about it.

I know that this has all the earmarks of a chain-letter, but rest assured that it is more than that: it is merely a convenient way for people to express their admiration for their fellow creatives. Further, in accepting this award, you earn the right to continue this chain of esteem and to paste this award on your own blog.

OK. Drink up, everyone.


18 responses to “Aubrey is Recognized

  1. congrats, Aubrey! A most well-earned – and very much deserved – award!

    lolz at “before the Punic wars” + the comment on Renoir.

  2. Congrats, and well-deserved.

  3. Congratulations, Aubrey! When will the Prize Patrol bring the check for $10 million? 😉

  4. Huge congrats, Aubrey, I was hoping your amazing posts would be recognized. Like the random facts too – I also visited castles in England and Wales and felt the walls held the most interesting secrets.

  5. Applause! Applause! Much deserved recognition from your peers! Enjoy!

    Flandrum Hill & Antiphons Garden!

  6. Bravo! how every cool to get an award – especially when you’re not expecting it! the best kind, really, don’t you think? there you are toiling along, and just as often soaring on the wings of whatever takes you, artfully, and what do you know – someone notices and tags you with a lovely award!
    Bravo, again, and thanks for including me as well! More on that later. I’ve been tapping away for hours and stopping here this evening was serendipitous!

    and what to make of your comment on Renoir’s spines? OMG, wonderful. I hadn’t thought of it, and believe me I will now think of it every time I spy one of his works!

  7. I admire your work here so much the thought that you would include me in this group is simply wonderful. Thank you so much – while I no longer post the awards on my sidebar, I do ponder them and eventually work them into some sort of entry which also is “a writing”. So shall it be.

    In your own listing of facts, I was much taken with this: What it taught me was not to be afraid to voice my opinion on any object of art. I know so little of art, but recently had occasion to see an exhibit of Impressionists from the National Gallery here in Houston. I’d seen many of the paintings in 1964, at their home in D.C. I’ve been pondering a post about the experience, but have been hesitant. I believe I’ll take your comment here as permission and voice my opinion!

  8. Aubrey, I think I would recognize you anywhere. I’m glad others do as well!

  9. Your response is all I might have hoped for. You are one-of-a-kind and I love the way you think. It was interesting to browse an image search on Beardsley. I had never paid a lot of attention to his work before, thinking of him as a more typical Art Nouveau artist than he really is. I had not realized that he, although a predecessor, has much in common with an artist that has always struck me in the heart. Egon Schiele also pushed the boundaries and died in his twenties, but beyond that there is a certain sensitive lyricism to his work that owes some credit to the A.N. movement through Klimpt. He also expressed deeply personal angst and even dark humour that effected me deeply on first discovery and still does to this day. (My art history is covered with decades of rust and comes through in inarticulate ramblings, my apologies.)

  10. A well-deserved award, Aubrey! Though I’ve only begun to peruse your posts I’m already compelled by your lyricism and elegant approach. A delight to read…and thanks for thinking of me with your kind thoughts. To the beauty of words then; rewards in themselves.

  11. You are a free spirit, Aubrey–the award suits you well…beauty does not have enough champions.

    & thank you for the nomination/award…this is my first on WP, and it comes at a time when a little wind in the sails is welcome indeed…what with taxes, rainy weather, and lifestyle decisions…keep writing! RT

  12. I haven’t commented on your posts since you moved to WordPress, Aubrey. Now I read your post ‘Aubrey is recognized’ and I kick myself for not reading your post more regularly. I have been missing your beautiful, poetic prose. I can’t imagine a more deserving recipient for the versatile blogger award. Even your post on this is so poetic. I loved reading the descriptions of all your favourite blogs above. I can’t wait to explore them – they all look so beautiful.

  13. You know,
    that awards are not truly my cup of tea,
    but I know how precious you are to me and to the world, for sure.

  14. Barbara Rodgers

    Congratulations, Aubrey! I’ve discovered your blog only recently but it is quite apparent to me that you are definitely a versatile blogger, and much more than that!

    I cannot help wondering where this award originated? I thank you very much for offering the honor to me and for your favorable description of my blog, but I hope you’ll understand it if I don’t participate – the chain-letter aspect of it is just not my cup of tea. Still, I do appreciate the thought!

  15. Congratulations Aubrey! I always really enjoy your prose (and the little glimpses we occasionally get of the “real” Aubrey) – I think I could’ve guessed at a few of those random facts….

  16. Congratulations, my dear Aubrey. Such a lovely post.

    And yet, all I can think of is…

    Thank God you like potato salad.

  17. Hi Aubrey. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you….spring in the garden and at the desk is a busy season! Although I’m deeply honoured by the award I won’t be able to accept it; there is something about it’s chain-letter method that troubles me, not to mention that many of my favourite blogs have already been mentioned! However, what I’ve come to love about this world of blogs is the sense of community it instills, and so in that spirit I’d like to use this opportunity you’ve given me to share more links to relevant, insightful and beautiful posts (amd there are many) on my own blog. To keep the circle turning……thanks again, and looking forward to following your own terrific work.

  18. Pingback: Thursday Thoughts: Pay it Forward « Margo Roby: Wordgathering

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