Because their legs are long and refined,

Because their reflections painted the sands with watercolors,

Two Portraits

Because they can stride through the ocean – confidently walking the salty fields,

Legs In The Waves

Because they sing in notes that are small, perfect and round – like pebbles, like sand,

Because Nature was aware of the eccentricities and egos of her creations,

She made sure to also give them a foolish profile:


A silhouette that was Cyrano-like and upside down, curved and odd…

So in her wisdom her little creation became a witty balance of dignity and mirth.

And when observing it, no fellow-creature would ever be jealous, or angry…but would only be overjoyed and wish to join it on its seaside journeys.


4 responses to “Ocean(bi)ography

  1. This is awesome!
    You know who it reminds me of? Barbara Kingsolver. Oh, duh, and Mary Oliver. Prose poetry. And biology. 🙂

    Love love love it!

  2. perfect. Love the up-close breakdown of the bird – the way you see it, the truth (and humor) of it.
    Yes, Lauri’s right – some Kingsolver, some Oliver – and a lotta you.

    Hope you’re working on a poetry (and photo) chapbook.

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