The Happy Houses

They stand next to each other, like giggling children. Splashed with unseemly color, they bring inappropriate joy to the row of adults scowling in silent, beige disapproval.

Smiling Faces

Their creativity is immature and juvenile; fingerpaintings without margins or reason. Smeared with their mother’s makeup and winking beneath the eaves, they laugh at the passers-by who stare at their garish faces. Their colors – loud and pure like a child’s laughter – call out, inviting everyone to knock on their doors: to come and play.

Doorway to Happy

The shapes are made from madcap geometry and painted like carnival ponies. The wind sprinkles through wind chimes, like sugar. They wait – hiding their blissful secrets – behind startling fences procured from the contractors of Wonderland, their hammers singing from Behind The Looking Glass.

Pastels and Pickets

Who built these pretty havens?  Who drew these blueprints for amusement? Surely someone who sought bright shelter – four walls of happiness, frosted with color and audacity.

These houses are impudent blooms on a barren street – bouquets of imagination. Simple creations of metal, wood and glass, they are also the products of joyous industry. Whimsical thoughts that became homes, they are the houses that became happy.


14 responses to “The Happy Houses

  1. This is wonderful! The multicolor picket fence made me smile. Crayons 🙂

  2. Beautiful and quirky, I like it!

  3. Oh, these made my heart smile!!!

  4. Cool. This post reminds me of those life-sized candy displays. Nice switch from the rows of white houses that are typical of our region! 🙂

  5. And they’re for sale! Buy one, Aubrey.

  6. M – I think that was their intention. To make passers-by stop and smile. Boyfriend and I ride our bikes past them all the time; I dubbed them the ‘Happy Houses’ and now we both call them that.

    Doug – Quirky and beautiful…takes a special mind to come up with that combination! One day, I’ll step across and knock on the happy doorway and introduce myself to the happy people living inside.

    Lauri – How could they not? They are absolutely Real and absolutely Adorable.

    Emmy – Like candy and gingerbread houses! They really came into their own during the holidays.

    FatCat – So much Cute within those walls and paints! I’m sure a cat lives inside – to see a little feline face peeking through those pretty panes of glass would be too much.

    pyrit – I think just the red/white and blue one is for sale…the windows are boarded up. But the lavender one has its outdoor light on, and there’s a sign out that says ‘Welcome Friends’ (!) Want to visit!!

    WBaby – Trippy indeed…can you imagine how many Mad Tea Parties they could have there?

  7. How whimsical and fun! I love knowing there are fun people in the world.

  8. ‘Happy Houses’- truly! Thank you for sharing the smiles.

  9. great title–and we could use a few of them around here! RT

  10. I want to live in a purple house when I get old and eccentric. Brilliant! Love this.

  11. Ooooh! I love the pastel & pickets – I would love a look-see at the interior.

  12. I love the Happy Houses. Have you seen what’s inside?

    Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog and the lovely comment!

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