A Friend From Work

I have a new friend.  I met him at work, and I’ve taken him home.  He was featured in a recent SyFy movie, co-produced by the elegant Roger Corman. And now the movie will be released on DVD/blu-ray this March start-saving-your-pennies.

Please – behold the glory of the epic…prepare to love all that is…


As one reviewer commented, “When you name your monster Sharktopus, the Internet is abuzz in anticipation”

And now, Sharktopus is with me – and he, Boyfriend and I have spent a jolly weekend together. Saturday we went to one of Boyfriend’s favorite winter surf spots, Haggerty’s:

Sharktopus Overlooking Haggerty's

Sharktopus was not willing to hang ten, but he did appreciate Boyfriend’s hand-made surfboard, showing a preference for the single fin, rather than the tri-fins that the young people seem to like.

Tentacles Around A Fin

The tide was high, and despite being a creature of the sea, Sharktopus preferred to seek sanctuary atop one of the larger rocks:

Sharktopus and the Pacific

It was a busy morning, so breakfast had to include Swedish pancakes and coffee:

Boyfriend had to share

And then there was the breathless ride home on the dashboard of Boyfriend’s 1967 Mustang. Sharktopus is not a backseat driver, but he would have enjoyed a convertible – thus letting his tentacles fly in the wind.

Mustang Sharky

Back at my apartment, Sharktopus had enough of our company, and decided to mingle with some of the other denizens of the complex:

Excuse me, did someone invite him?

Wait...you kind of smell like dinner

 Besides being something of a gad about, Sharktopus is an avid reader, and has recently discovered blogging and WordPress:

Not Impressed

A weary time if you happen to be made of plush! Sharktopus was tired, but he let us know that it was a good kind of tired, and could we maybe find a nice brunch for next weekend.


18 responses to “A Friend From Work

  1. I am quite jealous. We watched the movie in which he stars (in hi-def, no less) and I didn’t dream he came in plush. I thought it was quite enough that he was created in the flick by Eric Roberts.

  2. OMG–I want one. How do I get one? Is the DVD out? I love me a good D movie

  3. You know, at first I was like, Sharktopus… Seems like a bad character. But now that I’ve gotten to know him a bit better, he’s kind of alright.

  4. Hi Sharktopus! He and Boyfriend have great taste in cars!

    What a fun weekend you all had together. Looking forward to more adventures of Sharktopus!

  5. Haha! I’ve never heard of Sharktopus (I don’t get out much…) but he’s dang cute! In a bad boy kind of way. 😀

  6. LOL! I lurve the sharktopus! Sailor Babo has some toothy competition… I smell a smackdown.

  7. How can you not LOVE Sharktopus!?!?!? Seems even better in-person than on the screen.

  8. Charming company, I’m sure, albeit overly clingy.

  9. OMG! He’s like Sailor Babao on quaaludes! I like him!

    Must have a big appetite after such a busy day – I’m jealous that he got to eat Swedish pancakes and coffee, but I would NOT try and take that fork away from him. 😉

  10. So will Sharktopus start his own blog? He looks like the literary type, contemplating the ocean, hanging with cats, riding in sports cars. If you guys start having brunch on a regular basis, so much the better!

  11. LOL! The many sides of Sharktopus! I think I like Mustang Sharktopus most!

  12. Sure we love Sharktopus already (how could we not? a grand combo package, he is!) but best of all are the pictures! Sitting on a rock, sitting next to Kitty, sitting in front of the PC…wonderful! Great job and you made me laugh, too, after a very long day with a lot of non-smiling people.
    BTW, very kind of Boyfriend to share the Swedish pancakes!
    Say hello to the coast for me. We are completely hunkered down here in the Midwest and there are only two colors outdoors: grey and white.
    So your pictures are a balm!

  13. When did SciFi become “SyFy”? Yours is the 2nd reference to that spelling that I’ve seen in 5 minutes.

    • A year or two ago. It’s so they could trademark it. Of course, it looks like it should be pronounced “siffy”, plus it means “syphilis” in Polish, but network suits have never been known for their brains.

      BTW, aubrey: in the epic film, Sharktopus is quite at home on land. He walks around on his tentacles.

  14. I’ve seen that movie advertised, but never committed to watching it. I get a kick out of how many of the SyFy movies now involve giant creatures (often battling each other).

  15. Sharktopus is fabulous! LOL @ the cat’s reactions.

  16. I know this is a random request, but would you ever consider selling the little guy?

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