The Warming Season

Some animals hibernate for the winter.  They curl into their sleeping places, slow and lazy, and dream of the green months that Nature has hiding in her sleeve.  Some animals stay awake – shuddering through arctic storms, living in sparse forests, thin and hopeless.  But they live like this because Nature has slipped the tendency into their DNA like an unexpected liquor.  And they too hear the future months rattling in her sleeves like dice.

We don’t hibernate.  Nor, for the most part, do we spend our waking winter hours in despair.  We do what we can to stay warm.  We harvest.  We cook.  We celebrate.  We dance.

Hop To It


Fancy Formal


There is something about the holidays that makes our grasp tighter, our embrace more earnest – to hold onto a joy that is as frail and rare as a flower in the snow, thriving without its mothering stem, or network of roots.  The happiness is sudden and unexpected; a splash of color in a blizzard’s landscape.  We dare not sleep through the warming season, blind to the lights burning frigidly in the early night.  Nor should we ignore the orphaned trees or heavy medieval spices that wait patiently in the annual cook’s cabinet. 

We must take the time to encourage bliss to circulate and keep us alive.  We must step lively.

Brotherhood of Rail Road Trainmen

Fran Pearson!

 Happy Holidays, my very good, my very patient friends.



12 responses to “The Warming Season

  1. and Merry Christmas to you, our dear Wordsmith. Blessings to you.

  2. Or you’re trying to keep cool through a steamy summer with the airconditioner on eating salads and drinking litres of iced water.
    Merry Christmas Aubrey.

  3. Aw. The link didn’t jump down to the comment. Scroll down to about the 14th comment! If you dare…

  4. My Dear Goddess – I’m hoping for more lovely words in the new year! Thank you!

    Jane – Ha! I forget that some of my blog friends live on the other side of the globe – hard to imagine a steamy summer when we in Los Angeles are right now experiencing rains of biblical proportions.

    pyrit – Oh lord…I did indeed dare! How bizarre to have those poor words continue on!

    Allycat/WaterBaby – and the same to you, dear one. And a happy new year!

  5. I hibernate!

    How’d you fare in the storms? Despite hearing that LB broke all kinds of rainfall totals, I did better than usual.

  6. Here’s hoping your tent is high and dry, dear Aubrey 🙂 I’ll be in my cave, snarling at disturbances if you need me.

  7. A very merry Christmas to you and yours! Wishing you much dancing in the new year!

  8. Merry Christmas Aubrey – I hope it was a wonderful day. Even after 10 years here in the States I am not used to having a cold Christmas – it just seems wrong!! 🙂

  9. Festive post – there is a nice warmth to the celebratory nature of this season. I love seeing the warm lights, the pinkish and scarlet symbols of fire and warmth. Have a lovely season!

  10. This winter is very cold again, but I don’t feel the need to heat any more beside a bit of fire in the wood oven in the evening to cook the meal, an that s it.(old house, big walls who keep the temperature much longer than those strange actual boxes they insist calling “houses”!) . I wear several clothes over each other, and use blankets to stay warm in the evening.And I am surprised how much I enjoy it. I enjoy the details of the season, I almost could call it”meeting a friend, I had kept in distance “!.
    I simply feel directly connected with the elements. A subtle delight!

    Here in the country side, climate change can be more directly experienced . Instead the artificial thrill in a disconnected lifestyle, we question ourself,what are our real vital needs….and to be honest, visiting the city with all this overheated houses is unpleasant.

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