Aubrey Would Like To Cook For You

But I say this every year.  Every Thanksgiving I issue a blanket invitation to my blog friends, as unrealistic as this may be, to attend dinner at the Aubrey residence:  every year I wish this could happen.   

Your Harvest Chef

When you come home, I would advise you to check the salver by the front door.   You would see the embossed card lying there, with all the details.

To my adorable International friends, all you need to know about Thanksgiving is that it is a time of Happy.  And of great vats of food.  To my regional friends I’m sure you are all well acquainted with our Day of Glut and Joy.  So it would have been grand if this all could have happened.

But hope, I believe, keeps better than food.   So maybe next year.


22 responses to “Aubrey Would Like To Cook For You

  1. That party would be divine! I’ll have to toast you and the rest of our wonderful friends from here.
    Wishing you and yours a very happy, joyous, full-filling holiday!

  2. I been the fortunate recipient on a couple of occasions! It was lovely. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your parents, and to Boyfriend :). May it be magical and memorable

  3. Oops “have” been. I need an edit option

  4. Am I correct in remembering you do a huge lasanga for the Thanksgiving feasting? I can’t wait for the day we all get to try it. Happy Thanksgiving, dearest Aubrey.

  5. Would you consider sending me a bag of leftovers?

  6. Thank you, my dear Aubrey. It is the spirit of the invitation that matters.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. How we wish the same, Aubrey! Happy Lasagna/Turkey Day, joyous feasting and spill some wine. 🙂

  8. I will be there with bells on (in my mind)!

  9. Hmm. Will you serve pie? Pumpkin pie?

    I can bring Kahlua and make white Russians. The last time I was bartender at a party however, everyone complained I made the drinks too strong. A couple of people had to be carried out of the house.

  10. Oooh, a golden lasagna with chicken and mushrooms… Oh my. *checks 2011 calendar* Hmmm…

  11. Happy Thanksgiving! Inspired by the example of your lasagna Sally and Sukey will create a lovely Noms Terrine of turkey and tuna.

  12. my apple & apricot chutney is always a hit w/ turkey… RT

  13. Maybe by next year there will be a time travel machine so we can attend several Thanksgivings in one day. Then again, maybe that would be a bit much….. Or we should have a Vox Thanksgiving on an extra-depressing day of the week (for us New Englanders, that would be any day in January or February). Cheers anyway, we’re here in spirit!

  14. A Vox Thanksgiving, what an awesome idea! A Peep-Meet potluck for the ages!

  15. if you posted this on Wed, I’d be demanding your address and knocking on your door today. I would have brought champagne.

    have a happy holiday!

  16. Warning, this is random: Wow, I just love, love, love your blog!

  17. First I have a thought for those natives who got the infected blankets, and those who get neglected in this country who is more a horn of bounty to some and far less to other.
    And, than I share with you, kind people in the true spirit of sharing, the quinces paste I just made from the harvested fruits. May the fragrance reach over to you!

  18. the invite’s nice, the hat’s adorable!

  19. Aubrey’s Feast – yes please, next year, or maybe the year after…

  20. Sounds like it would be a lovely time!

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