Nature, Considering

Nature paused one distant, unformed day, considering what to do next. She gazed longingly towards the sky – towards the planets in their astrological households, the constellations and their starry fantasy – but they were beyond her creativity, far from her loving eye.

The Landowner

She stood still against her woods and forests, leaning against their darkness, breathing in the gentle sap and chlorophyll. The bark scraped against her arms, releasing scents that were green and pungeant – scents that reached into the earth…her earth.

Her oceans curled in frothy currents at her feet, pulling and playing like impatient tides. Waterfalls fell from her elbows, white and serene. Rivers embraced her body in cooling wrinkles and textures. Along her shoulders and held in her hands were her flowers, whose lush and varied fragrance mesmerized the chaste air. A map for the living world, she held her dreams of creation in her hands: pretty molecules that twisted and coiled around her fingers.

But now she was weary. She sighed – and the treetops stirred; her tired whispers provoking tiny tempests around the branches. She looked over her lands, pure and motionless..and unoccupied. And she wondered what she should do next.


11 responses to “Nature, Considering

  1. …sending the landless to work?

  2. Nature always comes up with new and unique things.

  3. This is a breath of fresh air. You have invoked Titania for me in this one, how I’ve always pictured her; towering over her creation, managing and conjuring the events of nature. Just beautiful, Aubrey.

  4. antiphonsgarden – oh, but there is no one there yet to feel a lack of possession, or the resentment of work. The creation of humanity is someone else’s responsibility, I believe. Also, the have and have-nots are our own special creation!

    Kzinti – the lady will always be weary!

    doranyc – thank you so much, dora. For a while this photo was not a favorite of mine, until I took a recent look at her and saw the oceans and the waterfalls.

  5. I appreciate that you integrated impatience and a bit of frustration into Her thoughts. I always thought of Nature as a bit tempestuous (and that picture is perfect for the piece, Aubrey)…..

  6. Aubrey…you know me as old mocking bird 😉
    The therm “landlord” made me laugh.
    As much as I am delighted by the charms of my environment, I know how much work it requires to not end in bramble bush land, and how much the ethereal considerations of some had their base on the exploitation of many.

  7. so evocative, like streaming, flowing, dreaming …

  8. Would this image have been hand colored? So pretty.
    I think it were best if nature were kept occupied, as bad things can happen when she is bored… Perhaps she could join a book club or craft circle? I’m a little worried about her.

  9. Aubrey, I stumbled across this blog and just had to share it with you: It is someone who collects old photographs and puts them online-and occationally gets to re-unite the photo with the descadents of the motif! Go look, I think you will enjoy it 🙂

  10. Lovely photo; lovely words.

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